We Go Swimming

"Hi handsome, looking for a good time?" I said as I got in the car. Guy caught on immediately as he answered "With someone with your looks it's hard to say no". I slid over tightly next to him,my arm around his neck and kissed him on his lips and said "Hi, honey". "Hi, yourself" and leaned in and kissed me with a hot tongue-filled kiss. As we drove off into the night he said to me "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you glad to see me?" I leaned in to his ear and whispered huskily "Ooh I am very, very glad to see you" as my hand came to rest on his own growing bulge. He smelled wonderful as I kissed and licked his ear. "Oh Petey, you're such a cock hound!". "Just yours, my darling, just yours" I said while fondling his gorgeous cock. "Where shall we go?" he asked as we drove. He was getting really excited as I had started stroking his dick beneath his clothes. "Lets go to the place we first made love at" I said. And I gave him directions as I slid his zipper down and reached inside his pants for the object of my passion. "Sweetheart, your driving me crazy!" he gasped between knashed teeth. Proud of my work, I started jerking him off and lightly palming the head of his love member. His hand my on my erection now and he slipped his hand into my crotch. Oh God!! but he could enflame me! Without thinking my hips had started bucking in response to his touch. His cock was throbbing in my hand as I licked and kissed his neck, ear, cheek. "We had better stop or I'm going to cum before we even get there!" he husked. My fingers were running thru his hair and my tongue was flat on his neck and I had his heavy dick securely in my right hand when I heard this. Reluctantly I stopped and sat next to him with my hands in my lap. Glancing at him I asked petulently "Is this OK?". After a second we both started laughing uproariously. His hand was rubbing my inner thigh as at last we slowed down for the turn into the dirt road. "Hurry, honey, hurry" and I reached for his cock as we hit the dirt road. He did the same to my now exposed super hard-on. I couldn't wait to be naked with him again!! He went right to our previous spot and hurriedly turned off the engine and lights. We seemed to slam into each others' body as our arms went around each other, kissing and licking hungrily and desperately. "I want you!!" he rasped. "Oh honey I love you so!" and we kissed deeply and sensuously, our lips pressed tightly together. His body was pressing mine as I asked "Did you bring a blanket, hon?". "Yes" and we rapidly got out and merged again at the trunk of the car. I was thinking then that this was the first time we had kissed each other standing up! He was three inches taller than me but we seemed to fit together perfectly. He was moaning now as he bent me back over the trunk hood, my arms around him. That action brought our dicks into electrifying contact and my hips started bucking again. His cock was hard, hot and heavy and took my breath away as I reveled in the contact. He stopped then and opened the trunk, getting the blanket and spreading it out on the ground. I undressed while he did this and then came up to him from behind and pressed my dick against his butt while enfolding his swollen cock in my hand. "Ummmm, that's so sexy" he whispered. "You're soo big, honey, I love it" I said, kissing his back and lowering his pants. He finished disrobing and we lay down together on the blanket. Oh but it was GLORIOUS being with him like this! Our warm, moist cocks together, the warmth of his loins, the feel of his body on mine and the tight embrace! I raised my leg to d**** it over his hip and slid in even closer as our lips came together for a hot, promise filled kiss. "you're so hot, Petey" he said as he rolled over on top of me. I spread my legs for him and reached down encircling both our dicks together and slowly stroked up and down. I watched his face as I jerked us off, up and down, up and down. His eyes were closed and he seemed to tremble as I fondled us together. He was humping me slightly as his tongue found my neck followed closely by his HOT lips and he went to work on me. "Oh Guy! you know just what to do to me!!" I cried out. My cock play accelerated when he started this but I didn't want to cum yet so I stopped and caressed his back as our now free cocks enjoyed intermttent contact. He was humping me more insistantly now and I bucked my hips up to meet his hungry dick with my own. "I need you, love!!" I gasped out. He then positioned himself to meld our bodies together. I could see his cock as he brought it closer to my ravenous ass and then, in a flood of passion filled excitement he slowly entered me. It was joyously exciting as I relished the feel of him!!! He was looking down at me with love and passion as he lightly came down to my waiting lips. He let his tongue loll out of his mouth and I sucked it, moving in to his mouth as much as possible. "Oh Guy this is so wonderful!" I said while we humped in unison. We were cheek to cheek as he started fucking me with abandon. "I can't hold back anymore, sweetheart!!" he cried out as we both then started humping with passionate abandon. And then WOW!!! I mean WOW!!!!!! He let go in the biggest orgasm I had seen yet. "Oh Petey!, Oh honey! oh baby!" he cried out as his hot love juice filled my hungry hole. "Yes, Guy, yes, oh yes, yyeesss!!" I gasped as he pulsed and pulsed into me!! He was GLORIOUS and I told him so. I reveled in his cum that was now part of me and hugged him tighter. We were kissing lightly when he pulled out of me and started kissing my chest and nipples, working his way to my aching hard-on. His hand encircled it as his hot mouth came down over my engorged head. "I love your dick, Petey dear" and I came for him immediately with soft groans of passion. Then we were in each others arms again, pressed CLOSE. "You were glorious tonight, darling" I said to his beautiful face, interspersed with light kisses to his lips. "what's the occasion?" I asked. "Nothing, it's just that you're such a hottie" he replied. I hugged him tightly. "Want to go swimming?" I asked. "Can we?" he asked and getting up I grabbed his hand and ran to the edge of the sand dune and showed him the small lake below. We looked at each other and then ran hand in hand to the water. We both dove into the cool water. I slid thru the water towards him and his arms went around me, my back to him. This was heaven for me as I thought how much in love with him I was. "Lets play a game, Guy". "OK, what is it?" "Well, you stand there with your legs apart and I'll swim underwater between them". "OK" he said slyly as I think he knew what I was up to. His legs were apart as my head went under and I opened my eyes to find the object of my amourous attention. Having found him I buried my face in his loins, moving my head side to side and putting my lips to his rapidly hardening cock. I gave some attention to his ball sack and then came up for air. "I knew you would try something like that!" he said smiling. My arms held his shouders as his encircled me. I was hard again as our cocks came together under water. Another new sensation I thought and it turned me back on. Our tongues were lapping each other as we melted together again, grinding with renewed passion. Slowly, arm in arm, we walked to the shoreline where we laid down and felt the water lapping at our legs, half in and half out. It was the most romantic moment I had ever experienced as I thought of the dim moonlight, the cool water and the man I loved in my arms. I think he felt the same as he whispered "I love you, Petey" softly in my ear. "I love you too, my darling Guy". After a deep kiss I then leaned him on his back as I straddled his body. Looking in his beautiful eyes I reached back to guide his substantial manhood to my love hole. His hand was caressing my own hard-on as his lovely, bulging cock-head found the entrance to our consummation. Slowly, at first, I stroked his cock with my anal muscles alternately flexing and unflexing. My hands cupped his face as I showered kisses all over his neck and face, shoulders and ears. his hands caressed my butt as he started humping me back as we built towards another titanic climax together "Oh honey! you're too much!" I gasped. "Petey, oh Petey" And the fruit of his love once again completed me as I came and came on his stomach. I trembled in his arms as we lay there together just enjoying the love and closeness and occassional compliments. Looking back now it was one of the most romantic nights I have ever had!
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3 years ago
O M G that was beautiful such love thanks
3 years ago
WOW dude - this is soooo worth waiting for - orgasm again :P:P:P