Creamy Love

Me and Guy were at our favorite motel engaged in some serious foreplay. His cock pressing against my side as we made out and necked our way passion. My own hard-on was aching, as usual, whenever he touched me. "You're wonderful, Petey" he said into my ear as he kissed and licked. He was kissing my neck and at the same time tonguing it and it drove me CRAZY with lust. I reached for his beautiful dick and caressed it with my hand as my tongue licked him wherever I could. He raised his head and I lunged for his hot lips, plunging my tongue deep in his mouth and moaning my desire to him. He responded with his tongue furtively in my mouth and his own moans of pleasure. My left arm clasped him to me but my right hand couldn't let go of his engorged cock and I stroked it a few times. He moaned again as I moved my hand over his lovely member. My open hand slid underneath it, It was so hot!, I caressed the sensual head with palm and light touches of my fingers. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I felt him wince and jerk as I pleasured him. Oh, but he was so big and pulsing with passion as my fingers went around it. "Oh honey, let me have you!" and I slid down to his moist, hot cock. I took him into my mouth and he was GLORIOUS!! "Oooohhh" he gasped as I started licking his gorgeous cock-head. My kisses were making loud smacking sounds as I kissed and licked his dick up and down the shaft, working my way to his balls and inner thighs. I was going crazy on him and he loved it. "your cock is beautiful" I said to him as I tried to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. He squirmed and I struggled to stay right on him, clasping my arms around his bucking hips. "Oh Petey, oh honey!" and I knew he was getting close but I just kept sucking his cock and kissing it and licking my man. I WANTED his cum! I CRAVED it! I had wanted to taste him since our first time together and this was going to be it! My hand was on his cock now with my lips around the head and I slowly jerked him off. Occasionally I would sensually kiss his dick-head, I couldn't resist, while looking at his face. O yeah, he was ready I thought as I watched him writhing under my touch. "Sweetheart, oh sweetheart, oh baby!!" and his hot, creamy love came spurting out into my waiting mouth. Oh, but it was wonderful!!! I wanted every drop as he spurted and spurted with my head going up and down slowly on his cock. He was DELICIOUS!! and I swallowed him. I stroked him a few more times with my lips before kissing my way to his face. "How was that, honey?" I whispered. "Fantastic!" he said while rolling on top of me. My dick was aching for him as we embraced. His cock was starting to stiffen again as I moved beneath him. "Are you getting a hard-on again?" I asked. "Maybe, hon, I don't know how to explain it" "Maybe it's because I'm so irresistible?" We laughed as our mouths came together in a titanic kiss and I felt his now fully erect dick against my own. "You know just what to do to turn me on, don't you?" I said, kissing his neck. My legs went around him as he answered "Turns me on too, babe". "Guy, I love being with you like this!" "And I love you" he said as we rubbed our dicks sensually together. I was ready for him and I wanted him to fuck me silly. I craved to fullness of his cock inside me, that hot, hungry dick plumbing my lust for him. I was writhing in ectasy as I whispered "ooh I need you, lover!" He licked my lips and said "Maybe I'll just tease you a little first" "Oh no!!" but my protest died away as he took my rock hard cock in his warm, moist mouth. Slowly he worked me into a state of passion we had not felt before. He really was a GREAT lover and I relaxed and luxuriated in it. He was sooo beautiful I thought as he mounted me. My legs spread wide to receive his hot,hard cock he sensually entered my eager body. "Oh yeah, sweetheart, I need you so!" He stopped with just his bulbous cock-head in me as he exclaimed "you're wonderful, Petey, and I need you too" "Then fuck me, baby, fuck me like only you can!!" And he slid all of his lovely dick into me, falling lightly on top of me. Oh God, he felt sooooo very good!!! I was clutching him with my arms and legs now and humping him in rythem. "That's it babe, that's it babe!" I whispered as we fucked each other. "You feel so good!!" He whispered between "oohs and aahs" His cock and the full body contact was getting me close to the edge as I cried out "Oh Guy, oh Guy, I love you!!!" and I came volcanically between our pressing bodies. But I didn't stop humping him as he clutched me tighter and sprayed his love inside me for the second time that night. We lay there together after, his head on my chest and me kissing him wherever I could. I felt complete. "You wore me out, darling" he said. I caressed him and said "your love is so wonderful, Guy" He sat up and grabbing my shoulders with his hands, kissed me lightly on my lips. I put my hands flat on his chest and kissed him back. Just light, affectionate kisses and it was wonderful to be with him like that. I could feel his emotion when he said "I'll always love you, Petey" I melted into his arms.
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3 years ago
Great erotic romance. A challenging genre which you do very well
3 years ago
Awww that is a wonderful story.
3 years ago
fuck yeah - thanks ;)