Day Dreaming

"Today we will investigate second degree polynomials in x" The teacher droned on. But I couldn't concentrate on math and my mind (and body) took me back again to HIM. AHHH, what a delicious memory. Ever since he first touched me I had been walking around with a semi and now just the thought of him had me instantly erect. Hopefully this weekend would find us together again and we could further explore each others' bodies, especially his heavy, huge and cum-filled cock. Queer, fag, fairy, the names didn't faze me anymore as I came to realize that I needed him no matter what. If he showed up right now, right here I couldn't deny my attraction to him and he could take me in his arms and I would proclaim my love for him in front of the whole class! I wouldn't give up our intimacy for the world! "Refer to your line equation as a starting point for solving this problem" the teacher was droning but my thinking was lying naked next to my love, our lips pressed passionately together, the warmth of our bodies spreading over each other as a protective blanket. Oh yeah, but he knew how to kiss!, soft but insistent. " I love you" I would say as I press my hard-on against his cock. "I love you, too" He'll say as he moves in that way he knows drives me insane with lust and desire. It wouldn't matter where we were, only that we were together, alone and NAKED. What a slut I was! Oh, but I couldn't wait. But it was at least two days before I could see him again and it seemed like two years. I dreamed of sucking his heavy dick. How sensuous his swollen head became as I lathered it with my tongue, kissed it with my hot lips. His sqirming as I filled my mouth with his manhood and felt the pulse of his passion. This weekend I hoped to taste his passion for the first time. Just the thought of him cumming in my mouth had me thinking of excusing myself and asking to go the bathroom. I looked around to make sure no one was watching me as I adjusted my cock. If they only knew what I was thinking!! I was soooo cock hungry, I thought but passion's firat flame is always the hottest. My mind went back to him and our first intercourse. He was so very sweet in his concern as he slowly but firmly pressed his hot, heavy dick against my own screaming cock. The sensations of that initial contact had surprised me and I opened my eyes to look at our cocks rubbing against each others. The sight of them together was so HOT! I stole a glance at his face and beheld a display of wanton desire as he moved to pleasure us both. Up and down our shafts would rub, the passion growing with each stroke as I tried matching his movements, caressing his gorgeous body all the while. He was raining kisses upon my neck, mouth, ears and shoulders when at the perfect time he moved down and slowly entered my virgin body with his engorged cock. OH! The ultimate intimacy at last, I thought! He was upright as he did this with my arms around his neck and my legs encircling his hips. My hands moved to his chest as he pressed his cock farther into me slowly and sensually. How wonderful it was to have him inside me! He threw back his head with a passion filled "Ohhh" and then fell on top of me, his arms encircling me again. The warmth of him and the feeling of his hard and hot cock in me made me move towards him with my bottom. "You like that, honey?" "I love it" I managed to rasp in his ear. Slowly his massive member explored my bottom as our passion grew, forcing us to accelerate our movements. He kissed me deeply and my tongue went swiftly into his mouth. TIME OUT!! I was f***ed to remember that I was in math class! I tried again to concentrate on the schoolwork being presented but it was hopeless. In my mind I was with him and we were engaged in uninhibited lovemaking! His pulsing penis both satisfied and filled me as we continued our love thrusts. the feel of my dick against his body as he thrust into me had me on the edge of explosion. "Ahhh, baby it's almost too much", I whispered between kisses. "You're wonderful" he gasped as we both prepared for what was to come (or cum!). "Oh, baby, Oh honey!" I huskily moaned in his ear as his cock head seemed to grow larger in me and he let go with a spray of HOT love inside me. "Ohhh, Ohhh!" he gasped as my own cum splattered our stomachs. He rolled off me and we kissed in affirmation of our love. "Will it always be this good?" I asked as I luxuriated in his nakedness. "I'll make sure it is" he said as our eyes locked and we kissed in anticipation of a long, love-filled relationship. Hey!! Everyone was standing up and moving to the door of the classroom! It was over, I thought! For fifty minutes I had been thinking of him and now the class was over! What would I be thinking in english class, I thought.
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3 years ago
Wow day dreaming about love thats so hot had to jack off to this story thanks
3 years ago
what a magnificent story! I can't wait to read more from you!!!