secret rendevous

I reached the end of the trail that intersected the road I was supposed to meet him on. Looking up and down the road for headlights I checked the time. 10:30 I thought. I hope he hasn't forgotten or maybe something happened. Just then headlights pierced the dark road and I slipped back into the trail. The car slowed and I saw it was his! Thank God I thought as I opened the door and saw my glorious lover smiling hello and looking as sexy as can be. The door closed, the interior light went out and and we fell into each others' arms. Kissing and moaning deeply I blurted out how I had been waiting so impatiently to feel his lips on mine, to be in his embrace again. By the dash lights I could see his erection and he could see mine and we rubbed our bodies together again as I told him how much I missed him. "We better move, babe" I said. "I got us a motel room, hon" he said as he looked into my eyes. The thought excited me as we had never been to bed together but had made love every place but and as often as we could. He turned me on so. "is it far?" I asked. "No, darling, it's just around the corner" he told me as we turned around and drove off. My arm was around his neck and my body was pressed against his as we drove in the night. "I love you" I whispered as we drove. "I love you too". The thought of a motel room and a bed to love him in was exciting me more and more. He turned into the first motel on the highway and parked in front of room #6. It looked clean and neat from the outside as we got out and he used the key to open the door to our new love nest. "What do you think, sweetheart?" he asked as the door closed. "It looks...." before I could answer I was in his arms and our hot lips pressed against each others'. My arms instinctively went around his beautiful body and we started grinding, right there at the door. I could feel his hard, hot cock and I'm sure he felt mine through our clothes. He started taking my clothes off and I did as much as I could to his, but mostly my hand searched for his manhood. I loved the feel of his cock and had spent all day dreaming of it in my hand, in my ass and my mouth and rubbing him all over me. I was near breathless went he said "Let's take a shower together". "Anything you want, you hunky babe" I answered. We were both sooo erect as we entered the shower but the real excitement was rubbing soap all over his manly body (especially his dick!!). After he did the same to me, I rinsed off, put the towel around me, kissed him as alluringly as I could and went to the bed to wait for the love I needed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when he came out wrapped in a towel and sat close to me, his arm enfolding around me. He had turned off the light and switched on the TV as he came over and the lighting was very romantic as our mouths came together in a soul searching, loving kiss. We leaned back and scootched up to the headboard and I thru his towel off of him, exposing his hot, hard and massive dick. His hand went for my hard-on as our kisses became more insistent and furtive. I moved his sensuous cock head to my own as our breathing and movements said everything there was to say. He felt so good pressed aginst my own cock head but I had to be gentle as doing this has a fine line between pleasure and pain. "You're really cock hungry tonight, aren't you honey?" "Only for yours, my love" I answered while pulling his foreskin over the top of my cock. He gasped as I was going to ask him how it felt but I knew it was ectasy for him too. We were making out like crazy now and I swear his dick gets bigger every time we make love. "oh honey, oooohh baby" I was whispering in his ear as we writhed in our ectasy together. I had my hand around both of our dicks and was stroking our cocks together now and the feel of his hard pulsing member on mine was driving me insane!! But I had a plan and I broke our petting and went right down to that magnificent cock and started licking the head and kissing it deeply. And I swear it kissed me back as he squirmed under my touch and ministrations. He moaned and he writhed "ahhhh, baby, that's sooo good" he said as I licked up and down his shaft, flicked my tongue at his balls and buried my face in his pubic hair. Kissing him everywhere I could he pulled me up and seemed to swallow my rock hard cock while moaning with pleasure. "I love you, I love you!" I kept repeating as he furtively went down on me. After a bit he rose up between my legs and hovered over me. When he did his cock hung down and I rose up with mine until they touched. The electricity was still there as I said "I love this" and thrust up even higher, crushing our passion together. He laid down on top of me and I luxuriated in the feeling of his body on mine. I caressed him all over as his hips moved, our cocks warm, moist and touching. Another little bit (he knew EXACTLY when) he moved down a little and pressed his love into my anxious, waiting body. He filled me with his hot, hard cock and I LOVED it! I pulled him down to me and, looking in his eyes, kissed him with all the love I felt for him. He was stroking me slowly and I whispered "You feel so good in me, my love". His hot lips were all over my neck and ears as he kept the pace of his thrusting. It was different for us this way but no less wonderful as I stroked his hair and felt his ass. "I want to go slow, tonight, so it lasts longer" he gasped in my ear. I tightened my embrace to show my assent and just synchronized my movements to his. Oh! but it was lovely. Making love with him like that. But I could feel the need for climax wheling up in me as we moved in our little lovers dance. His dick was wheling up too (I could tell by our intimacy). But I didn't want it to end either. The feel of him inside me, his hot body pressed against mine, the loving embrace. He lifted his head and face to face we could see each other coming to climax. Our lips met, our tongues entwined and we started furiously fucking each other til we came and came and came!!! "Stay inside me, doll" I asked him as we finished our ejaculations. "Oh yeah, baby, anything you say". "You just feel so sensuous tonight". "Hey, I missed you too, you know". Looking in my eyes "I'll always love you" he said. Oh but that night was GLORIOUS!!!
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3 years ago
Love it! Very hot!
3 years ago
that's not porn thats a romance novel thanks great finish.
3 years ago
very romantic
3 years ago
That was hot -- I am hard. Loved the cock play and the big finish.