My Boyfriend

I'm going for some more beer, Guy said. Everyone at the party applauded this idea and on the way out he invited me to go along with him. Secretly I was thrilled to go and be alone again with the man I loved. We took my mom's car and I was sooo very grateful it had a bench seat so we could maybe sit side by side as we drove. So off we go and once out of sight of the house I used tuning the radio as an excuse to get closer. Immediately his arm was around my shoulder and I nestled myself even closer, taking in the fragrance of him. I loved the feeling of his arm around me as we drove, we were like two teenagers on a date, and I think we were. "Is there someplace we can go, honey?" Oh how that sounded so exciting. I absoluttely LOVED being his 'honey'! His hand was now resting on the inside of my thigh as I directed him to go left. I moved my left arm around his neck and started kissing his neck, his ear and just about every place I could safely kiss him as he drove. "Make a left here" I said "you'll see a dirt road after the turn". Once safely on the dirt road I told him to follow it til we came to a clearing. But he stopped a little way down the road, turned to me and we kissed hungrily and deeply for what seemed like ages. His tongue was nearly in my throat and the feeling of being held tightly in his arms was overwhelming as I blurted out "I love you so much, Guy!" "I can't wait to have you again, my love" he said. I felt his hardness as I told him it was just a little way more, my tongue exploring his ear. We got to the clearing and I showed him another road to take but he protested I was teasing him. I rubbed his hip with my own as I told him it would insure our privacy. FINALLY we were where we could be alone and we embraced. Kissing his hot moist lips was so very exciting and I knew he was enjoying mine as well. I was thinking about what it would be like to have his cock in my mouth. Just the thought excited me. Would I be able to excite him as he had excited me, I wondered. So I stopped and asked him. "Guy, would you like me to please you like you do to me?" "What do you mean?" he asked breathlessly. "You know, ...with my mouth". "Anything that pleases you" he said. "There's a blanket in the trunk" I said while he licked my neck. "Ummm" he moaned. We got out and I opened the trunk, shamelessly showing him my bottom as I got it out and spread it on the ground. Oh, and he was looking! We disrobed and lay down next to each other, melting into each others' arms. The feeling as our cocks came together was just as intense and pleasurefilled as the first time and I was lost in my desire for him. We kissed furiously as it seemed we would devour each other in our lust. Before I knew it, we broke and he had reversed his position with his mouth coming down on my explosively erect dick. Oh!!! but he knew just what to do to make me want him!!! His cock was now right in front of me and pulsing with desire. It was incredibly erotic to watch. I touched him and he moaned. I started stroking his dick and he started thrusting. His mouth was doing an amazing job as I studied his manhood. Slowly I brought my lips to his head and started kissing it. It was so SOFT!! But sensually so. And he liked that! I brought the whole head into my mouth and and reveled in his pleasure. Flicking my tongue on that sensuous bulging cockhead was wonderful as he squirmed with the pleasure I was giving him. I moved my hand and tried taking the whole hard, beautiful shaft in my mouth. He was moaning louder now as I stroked his dick with my mouth, going up and down slowly as I had seen him do with me. I sucked him more and more hungrily now. My lips engulfed his cock shaft from the side, licking his balls, just everything I thought would excite him. And it did! He was so excited he grabbed me and laid me down under him as he mounted me and we began rubbing our cocks together. We were both moaning now as he prepared to enter me with his beautiful manhood and I thrust my love hole towards him, anticipating the feel of my man inside of me. "Ahh, baby!" he said as he entered my hungry body. "Oohhh, you feel so very good inside me,sweetheart" and we started to fuck. My legs and arms went around him as we thrust faster and faster towards each other. He was raining kisses on me as I felt him start to climax. Determined, I started rubbing my cock against his body to come at the same time he did. We kissed deeply as we both came explosively and gloriously. I was spent. So was he but I still told him I loved the sex and him too. We kissed as we got dressed and remembered we had to get the beer! And I remember thinking on the way back that he was my boyfriend!
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3 years ago
Love your writing!
3 years ago
you don't write storiesyou write loves encounters thanks
3 years ago
Fucking awesome! Thanks :P
3 years ago
That was a very hot story!