My First Time

My first time was when I was 15 with one of my b*****rs friends named Guy. It was after a d***ken party at our house when I woke up with my head resting on his arm and his other hand stroking my hips enroute to my increasingly erect penis. He was close and whispering in my ear how much he liked me while kissing my neck intensly. It felt wonderful!, even though I tried to convince my self it didn't. This wasn't the first time he had made advances as the d***ken parties had become a weekly event, but I let him go farther this time as he felt soooo good nestled next to me, kissing and nuzzling and I have to say I was curious too. His hand reached my now pulsing hard-on and I started to thrust with the sensation. As he sensed my excitement he kissed and licked his way down to my aching cock. There was just enough light that I could see him engulf me with his hot lips and mouth. Without thinking I thrust up, wanting to be inside him more as the feeling was soooooooo intense and exciting. I watched as his now beautiful head went up and down, becoming more and more excited if that was possible. Kissing the inside of my thighs he started making his way up, kissing my body as he went. Without thinking, as we came closer together I reached for his dick. I think now that it was instinctual but at the time it surprised me. But his hard-on felt incredible in my hand as I stroked and fondled him. We came face to face and he lowered himself on top of me as I wrapped my legs and arms tightly around his gorgeous body. When our dicks came together it was like electricity passing between us, the feeling was so very exciting. His lips were hot and wet and they covered my mouth as we strained to get even closer together. His hips moved slightly sideways as I thrust gently upward intensifying the incredible carnal feelings we were enjoying. By now his tongue was frantically exploring my mouth as I sought to touch it with my own. He broke the kiss and started working on my neck and ears. I thought I would explode as he whispered "I love you" in my ear and I responded by holding and fondling him while whispering back "Love me Guy, oh love me!" And he DID!!! First he slid down just a little as he positioned his manhood for penetration into my now ravenous love hole. "It's my first time" I told him. He took me in his arms and told me he would be gentle but there was no stopping us now anyway. I WANTED to feel his pulsing hard-on inside me with my legs tightly around him, pulling him ever deeper to me. I spread my legs as he pressed his very substantial love member against my waiting love hole. He pressed the sensuous head in and it hurt a little but IT FELT WONDERFUL!!! A LOT!!!! The look on his face as he entered me made me clutch him as he leaned downed and asked me "Are you OK, sweetheart?". As an answer I leaned up and kissed him deeply and our tongues came together frantically. He slowly slid deeper into me and I found I could squeeze and release his cock with muscles I didn't know I had and he seemed to love it when I did! I could feel his pulsing dick inside me and it excited me beyond words as he started thrusting. I would thrust back as we started sincronizing our thrusts and the sex became, if possible, even more beautiful. He would stop every so often and we would kiss and neck whispering sweet nothings in each others ear. I didn't want it to end but we were both close to orgasm as he looked down at me he thrust his cock deep inside me as I sqeezed him and he seemed to grow even bigger inside me as he came explosively while nestled against my ear. "I love you, so" he whispered in my ear as his climax subsided. Next, his hand reached for my swollen and pulsing cock as he pulled out of me. He started stroking me and complimenting me as I slowly came to the edge. I was kissing him with my arms around his neck. Just short, little kisses puntuated with spurts of my tongue licking him occassionally. "Do you want to come, honey?" he asked. "YES! oh YES!" I gasped back at him as I licked his ear. Suddenly my dick was back in his beautiful mouth as I squirmed under his touch. I exploded into his hungry and eager mouth. "Oh guy, oh Guy, oh guy!!" I husked as gobs and gobs of the fruit of my love came into his mouth. He swollowed every drop and I found that incredibly erotic. Tenderly we embraced as I told him how wonderful his love was."I really do love you" he said and I had to admit then that ,I too, was in love for the first time!
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2 years ago
WOW!........this blew me away! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
3 years ago
Wonderful story!
3 years ago
Wow. I wish I was you.
3 years ago
Wow now thats hot love for you thaks
3 years ago
WOW i really loved this!!!!!
3 years ago
Hot story
3 years ago
so fuckin erotic