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Playing with housemate at university

I used to live with a hot girl at university who was very active sexually. There was a lot of tension between us, but I had previously had a thing with her best mate so no go for anything fun. I used to find playing with her so sexy. I once left my laptop out with a video on the screen of me and an ex having sex just before my housemate came home. I then hid outside and peered in through the window hard as hell watching her playing the video and seeing me having sex.

I regularly used to jerk of with her knickers, cum in her drink, on her toothbrush once. She came back hammered one night and passed out sitting on the sofa. I pulled open her top so that i could see one breast, then couldnt resist a wank. I needed a way of covering my erection and resultant sperm if she woke up. I got ketchup from the kitchen so that if she woke i could squirt it on her and pretend i was mucking around d***k. I jerked off just behind her head and shot on the top of her head at the front of her hair by the second spurt i was out of control and went straight on her forehead and watched it drip down her face. I will never forget that sight!! Anyone with similar stories of perving on your housemate?

Posted by peteash 2 years ago
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1 year ago
lovely, yes have similar story and will post soon
2 years ago