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loving my cum touching girls during puberty

Anyone ever done anything like this?

I went through a teenage period of cuming on my hand then touching a girl transferring my cum on to her; ideally on a girls skin or hair, but seeing it on the back of her skirt was hot as well. At the worst peak of this perversion I was rubbing my cum on the rim of girls glasses and watching the smear of my creation touching their lips. Or finding a girls sex toy when at a house party and first tasting it then shooting over it. I had many a chop thinking about it inside girls i knew and how their dildo had tasted.

My most depraved though was on holiday sharing a room with a girl i had fancied for years, after a boozy dinner I went back to the room first. I unloaded on her toothbrush before she came back and then watched her brush her teeth with my full load. The gargle at the end was beyond belief!

I subtly wanked my little cock under the covers and spurted as she gargled my load around her pretty young mouth.

- Am i the only one sick enough to have done this?
Posted by peteash 2 years ago
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5 months ago
love your reply RustyGusset. wish I was in school with you!!!
7 months ago
Nice any videos? Or ever manage to touch her hand after she wanked before she washed it?
7 months ago
A few years ago we took in a exchange student from Spain . She was so hot at 18 yr old. Tall thin, dark hair and smelled good.this is how fucked up I was and I guess still am.there s a heat / ac vent that's in the bathroom she uses and if you know anything about them it consumes the entire distance between the two x fours. Well I took the cover off and drilled a 1 " hole through it . My room was on the other side so I put a electrical collide cover over it with just the top screw in. The first time was the best as the hole was right across from the shower . I could also see her in the mirror too. I've watched her touch herself many times.her pussy was so sweet and young perky tits ,yum yum.i jerked off so many times to that scene. On the other end of the scale my mother in law at 70 . She looked amazing and yes jerked off to her too.we moved a few years later
10 months ago
I cum in wife's flavored coffee creamer and she had a friend over and they both used creamer! just smiled at them and asked if it was good coffee. cum on her leftover foods, panties and bras and put them back in her clean clothes drawers. also fix her coffe in the morning and sometimes right in front of her, rub my cock all around the rim of the cup!! she just smiles or laughs and drinks it, looking at me. her shampoo and body lotion too.
11 months ago
hehe you've got some balls on ya! i would dare doing that! Also would feel a little guilty as well.
I jerked off in the room of my housemate when she was out on holiday, i came on her hairbrush, in her laundry basket and on to her make-up table.. But afterwards i felt superbad and dirty and cleaned it all up :P, exept for the laundry ofc ;). So ive had those naughtry thoughts, but after i cum i feel super guilty :P.
1 year ago
No.....Your not the only one.
1 year ago
I have and know other young girls who have masturbated in private in the restroom at a social event like a school dance and then gone out and done slow dancing with a boy. It was interesting to see which of the young lads were aroused by the musk wafting around them and not being able to put their finger on "why" they had an erection. xXx
2 years ago
years ago i liked a mates sister she was abit younger than us but none the less a hot little tease. when ever i got the chance i would cum in her skin lotion and think about her rubbing my cum into her soft skin. and sometimes when she would sleep i would touch her and rub my cock over her. it was hot but something you only ever seem to do when your young and finding yourself. :)
2 years ago
yes, coming on sleeping gfs or relative v v horny
2 years ago
great work both of you!
ever jerked off onto a girl without her knowing - when passed o*t etc?
2 years ago
Not sure if this qualifies but, I lease a home, landlord comes by a couple times a week to check on dogs and such. She's 5'4", maybe 120, mid 40's, nice light brown shoulder lengh hair and a smokin ass. A real MILF. She was over one afternoon and I was reading some hot stories here and strokin in my room. I was already wet and dripping when I threw a pair of shorts on and went to the kitchen for a drink. When I did I saw through the window that she was way out in the backyard with the dogs and I also saw she had left her drink on the counter, Mountain Dew, with ice in a large plastic cup. I'm not sure what made me do it but I grabbed her drink, went into the hall, pulled my shorts down and swirled my hard dripping cock into her drink like a swizzle stick. It was cold so I pulled out and gave it one more squeeze and pulled my shorts over my hard cock. Before I turned the corner again I checked the window and she was still far away in the yard, so I returned the drink, got mine and returned to my room. I kept quiet so I could hear when she returned and had to go out there again to see her drinking my cock flavored soda. I had a great wank after that.
2 years ago
Ive gone in my GFs mayonnaise a few times :) i want to do more also