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I also went through a big peeking stage that i am not proud of. I used to go to a nightclub with mixed sex toilets, one of the cubicles had a crack in the joining wall where you could just see through a crack to catch glimpses at first and eventually when i worked out the positions get incredible views of the girls in the club a lot of which i knew lifting up their skirts or pulling down their trousers to expose their young pussies and asses. I had no interest in the peeing etc, but it was a way of seeing these girls exposed and i still find it obscenely horny!

The first one I watched was this girl called Lou who was smoking, she was sitting down and i could see the top of her arse then changed angle and saw that she had had her black pubes on show. It was a much bigger bush than you would expect. suddenly she stood up and i saw the bush in full glory then changed angle to see her cute little naked ass before she hoiked up her purple g string which framed her beautifully. She adjusted clothing and walked out.

After that first night I visited the club a lot and spent most of the time in that cubicle cock in hand. The excitement of hearing people cueing then hearing the door open before shutting as my anticipation gripped me that it might be a) a girl b) a fit one and c) jackpot was one i knew or recognised. I watched several mates girlfriends and loads of girls I had fancied for ages and finally got to see their asses at least, and more often than not pussies as well.

A Lot of the girls I watched are now forgotten in a haze of dr*gs and horniness but a lot i still think about when jerking off. The best sights included a night where I watched all races; first a beautiful black girl who had a big arse and when she leaned over to pick her handbag up i could see her nipple but sadly no pussy. An Indian looking girl who squatted forward so I could see the top of her asshole which was a rare and lucky sight, her cheeks were stunning and she turned to expose a hairless pussy. I watched a string of white girls until finally an oriental girl came in, she dropped her trousers to reveal beautiful soft white skin and squatted over the seat giving me the first and only view I had of the whole package pink and all. She stood up when finished and turned to face the toilet and my spy hole giving me a full view of her pretty short black pubes, trousers up and was gone.

There were several girls I knew who I remember being so turned on by seeing them and talking to them later, there was one girl I ad never seen before in a white top and black trousers. She walked in and the bit of body I could see looked amazing. She turned to face away from me and dropped her trousers before sitting down and sitting so upright that I could only see the top of her arse from the back so moved and had a beautiful freshly waxed landing strip in full view. She was so sexy that when she left I walked out of my sacred cubicle and followed her offering to buy her a drink, loving the fact I had seen her ass and pussy. She had a boyfriend there but I loved talking to her.

The only girl whose tits I saw, she walked into the cubicle wearing a gold dress and turned to face away from me, reaching behind her neck and undoing the straps. The whole thing dropped to the floor there was nothing underneath, I was watching a naked late 20's girl squat naked squashing her tits outwards as she crouched. There was a big tattoo on her back that looked horny as hell as i was dreaming of taking her from the back. When finished she stood up and I watched her full tits bounce with little semi erect nipples and fully shaven pussy as she dressed again. I have jerked off over that regularly.

I also watched the horniest thing in my life. I peered through my spy hole after a quick break because my neck was falling off having been in such an awkward position for ages and spied a girl sitting funnily. As I peered I realised that she was hunched forward. I could see her ass which looked a little fat but nothing else. I continued staring and realised that she was shaking at first I just thought she had over indulged at the bar or whatever then I realised she was rocking. It suddenly dawned on me that I had genuinely caught a girl wanking - almost in public it was unbelievable. I couldn't see if she orgasmed or not, but she stopped after a while by which stage i had cum and was hard again. I followed her out into the nightclub and introduced myself grasping her hand to shake it. She looked sheepish and melted away, but I knew I had just touched her pussy juice.

I know the above seems awful. I hope you don't think badly of me, but my hormones and the opportunity just got the better of me. I feel guilty but it was earth shattering!

would love to hear similar stories!
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8 months ago
me too
1 year ago
this was one of the girls i watched ask me for more
1 year ago
very2 nice story. Lets build a club and ut a hidden camera. enjoy reading bro. trying to envision myself there too. wish you had filmed it! try to film now bro hehe
2 years ago
cubicles were side by side the hole was on the corner of the divide - just big enough to peek through

this reminds me of it

you may also like this

would love to chat to those with similar experiences
2 years ago
Nice story man! I'm curious though, i can't picture where the hole could have been for you to be able to see basically everything...? Where the cubicles back to back or side to side?

And as Juanstone said it would have been AMAZING if you filmed any of that!
2 years ago
2 years ago
sounds as if it was pre digital cameras...too bad or there would be some sweet pics here! nice memories of mammarys though
2 years ago
We'd all have done it if we could. I remember when in high school each week we went to the local swimming pool. There was a crack in a door seperating the boys and girls changing rooms. At first we took it in turns to watch the girls. Then we made it obvious by shouting and giggling and later in the year the boys and girls watched each other. Those of us who were bold enough even jerked off in front of the girls. I swear they were dirtier than we were. Happy days.
2 years ago
I would have done the same thing...