Abused as a tranny at a sex party with my mum

This story is a follow up to "Caught wearing my mother's stockings"

I decided to go to the party and be the tranny slut they were looking for. After all, it's nice to be wanted and I really would do anything to keep those photos of me dressed in my mum's stockings, private from my friends.

I've never had anything up my ass before, in fact I've never even had sex at all. This was going to be my first sexual experience. Unless you include being wanked off by my mum or kissing and groping fat girl, Stacey Williams at the school Christmas party. So the idea of being the centre piece at a sex party was something that excited me, even if i was just going to be used and abused.

On the day of the party my mum told me to come in to her room after i had a shower as she was going to wax my body. I walked into her room and took off my towel to reveal my cock which was rock hard in anticipation of what was about to happen. I begged her to wank me off again but was slapped in the face and told to put that thought out of my head as it's never going to happen again.

I stood up naked while mum waxed every hair off my body. It seemed to take forever and although it hurt I was expecting to get hurt a whole lot more later that evening! At least mum had to grab hold of my cock while waxing my balls but I got another slap when I thrust my cock in and out of her palm as it to fuck it.

Now I just had to dress up, I had to wear what i was told. I was given a tight black leather mini dress to wear with the stockings and suspenders she had given me after id been caught wearing them.

She couldn't decide what shoes I should wear. i begged her to let me use the black leather knee length boots and she finally relented. she put on my lipstick and make up and then finally to top it all she brought out the wig. id hoped for a long blonde wig but she gave me red haired short bob which to my surprise really suited me. i thought i looked quite cute.

The first person to see me was the taxi driver and I was made to sit in the front seat next to him. It was quite an experience to see how a man tries to catch glimpses of a woman’s stockinged legs particularly the way he “accidentally” brushed his hand against my knee a couple of times when making gear changes. I suppose I must have been pretty convincing as a tranny.

When arriving at the party, I could see so many women that I’d love to fuck. Many of them were my mother’s age but were dressed even more sluttily. It was a shame that I wasn’t going to be allowed to fuck them. But I was taken downstairs to the dungeon in the basement where I was greeted by a gang of old fat men who grabbed me and started tying me up with ropes to some kind of leather chair.

I was bent forward kneeling down on the chair with my head faced down on a sort of platform behind the chair. One guy stood in front of me looking at my face wanking furiously while a another started lubing up my ass. His only comments were that I had a nice ass and I was a slut for not wearing any panties.

The guy in front of me who had been wanking furiously, took a step towards me and shoved his hard cock in mouth, grabbed me by the ears and began fucking my mouth, slapping my face now and again and spitting in my face. I kept gagging and he got a kick out of that as I could hear him laugh. The guy behind my inserted a finger up my arsehole which gave me a shock and I accidentally bit the other guy’s cock.

Understandably, he got angry but this only made him fuck my face even faster. My head was sweating and I was feeling quite sick and then the guy behind inserted his cock in my ass and I let out a scream so loud that a number of people came from upstairs to watch, including my mum.

The guy in my ass wasted no time in fucking me as fast as he could, pounding into my ass while tears of pain ran down my cheeks and every few seconds he would spank my ass with full f***e. The guy in front of me finally stopped fucking my face but appeared to be about to cum into my face much to the delight of the crowd that had gathered in the dungeon.

My face was covered in cum and it was about to get worse as the guy who had been fucking my arse had now stopped and was about to cum in my face.
I noticed my mum had been getting very close to a 6ft stunningly beautiful black lady. This lady came over squirted all over or maybe she pissed, it was hard to tell. I was quite grateful as it least it got rid of most of the cum on my face.

However, before long every man in the place had decided to either piss or cum on my face. Many of them also slapped me, spit on me and kicked me. One of them thought it would be funny to put as many fingers up my ass as he could.
I was then left alone in the dungeon for a couple of hours until my mum came to untie me. I was feeling so low, so furious yet so sexually frustrated that as soon as I was untied, I overpowered my mum, pushed her to the ground and ****d the slut and made her cry.

90% (79/9)
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2 months ago
SO DAMN AWESOME SEXY,lucky bitch boi wish it was my bitch boi ass,sweetie
8 months ago
Brilliant, Great Story, Hope it was true ;) xxx
2 years ago
Fucking Intense!!!
2 years ago
Wow! Good story.
2 years ago
Wow, that was hot!
2 years ago
more please
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice and hot
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmm good story
3 years ago
Good, but we need details of the rape.
3 years ago
Raped the slut and made her cry....Lovely story
3 years ago
hot. the end was hot where he raped his mother. whats the next part, would like to hear what happens to tranny and his slave slut mother.
3 years ago
Very good text, very exciting, we are the same interrest......and fun.
3 years ago
Dam ,, ready 4 more
3 years ago
Great story. You are a very dirty boy and I want to punish you x
3 years ago
mmmm good story, wanked through out as i read it
3 years ago
u got the next part
3 years ago
Wow my awss hole3 hurts just reading that gt to jack off too thanks