A Body Made for One Thing (fixed)

I saw her as soon as she came into the building. I had never seen a sexier woman in my life. She had her 5 year old son in tow and they were there to attend a k**s birthday party. I knew as soon as I saw her that she was not like any of the other parents. She had a body built for one thing and I wanted her bad. She had a very pretty face and her body caused a stirring in my pants. She had big beautiful tits that were made for sucking on and an ass that I just wanted to hold onto as I pumped her full of my potent seed. I just had to have her.

I could tell that she was having the same affect on all the men at the party. She was a devil sent to temp men with her luscious body. I could see all the women move towards their men whenever they looked her way. She seemed a little shy as her son ran off with his friends. I don’t know if she knew that every man that looked at her want to knock her up, but she definitely kept her distance from the people around her. I could see her standing off to the side watching her son as if she was oblivious to the drama unfolding around her. All the men wanted her and all the women were green with envy as they all looked at the temptress that was she.

I waited a little while before making my move. I walked over and stood right next to her, a little closer then I should have. When she looked over at me, I smiled and said hi. She smiled and I saw her eyes drop down to look at her feet. I heard a very soft “hi,” and then she looked back at the k**s playing. I leaned over closer to her so she could feel my body lean into her, “your son is adorable,” I said. Once again she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and that demure look, “thank you,” she almost whispered. Her shy submissive behavior turned me on even more and I had to fight to control the hard-on that was growing in my pants.

I was working so, I knew I was taking a real chance, but I couldn’t help myself. I slide in behind her and I had to will myself from pushing my cock into her big delicious ass.
I again leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Why are you standing over her away from everyone?” Her head dropped again and she said she was just watching her son play. At this point my cock was doing the talking and I said, “is it because all these men want you and all those women are jealous of you?” She turned to look at me with a fire in her eyes, “excuse me, but do I know you?”

I had a decision to make here, I had pushed the boundary and she was pushing back. “No, you don’t know me, but I know you. You walk in here with that perfect body and those sexy eyes and you act like you don’t know every man in here wants you. Are you trying to tell me that you don’t know it?”

She half turned and she replied “I don’t know what you are talking about and I think you better leave me alone,” and with that she tried to move away from me. I had to act fast or I was going to lose her. I grabbed her by her arms and in a rough voice I whispered, “This is what I am talking about,” and I pushed my cock into her ass. I heard her gasp and then her ass reflexively pushed back into my cock, which was rock hard at this point. It was really quick, but I felt her push back and then she froze. She quickly looked around and then whispered, “please don’t.” It was a pleading voice and I felt her stiffen, but she held her ass right up against my hard cock. God her ass felt so incredible. She had two big perfect cheeks that seemed to hug my cock as it nestled between them. It was soft and warm and I pushed into her again and I felt her push back.

I looked around and knew that a few men were noticing that there was something going on. “I can feel your need, baby.” "Has it been a while since you got something like this inside you?” She whimpered and I heard her exhale and a very soft “yes” escaped her lips. “Oh baby, you really need it don’t you?” Again, I heard a soft "yes" come from her.

I had to have her and I was going to take her there and then. I leaned into her and said “I am going to walk over to the bathroom, meet me there in 5 minutes and I will give you what you need baby.” With that, I turned away trying to hide the tent in my pants and I headed over to the bathroom.

I had worked in the building for a few years and I knew exactly what I was going to do. The bathroom stalls were the kind that went all the way to the floor so if I could get her in there without anyone noticing, I could have her. I posted up across from the women’s bathroom and watched who when in and who came out. After about 5 minutes, I saw her turn the corner and head to the bathroom. She looked around and when we made eye contact she quickly dropped her eyes as she headed into the bathroom. I had to wait until the woman that had gone in a few minutes ago came out before I headed in.

When I entered the room, I saw her leaning back against the counter and she looked a little afraid. She started to say something but all I heard was, “please, don’t…” it was then that I reached her and I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back as I kissed her hard on the mouth. I felt her tongue thrust into my mouth so f***efully that is shocked and excited me at the same time. I grabbed a handful of that ass and pulled her into the last stall. I pulled her yoga pants down and stuffed my hand between her legs. Her pussy was hot and wet and I slid a finger between her lips. I knew that we didn’t have time so I quickly spun her around and pulled my pants down my thighs. Before I knew it, she had reached around behind her and grabbed my cock.

“Please,” I heard her whisper again.

This time I had to hear her say it. She lined my cock up with her hole and I felt her start to push back onto my cock. “I pulled back a little and held her in place by her waist. “Please what baby?”

“Oh god, don’t make me say it,” she said as she tried to push back into me again.

“My god you are a hungry bitch aren’t you?” I put it to her again, “you need my cock, don’t you baby?” It was then that a thought occurred to me, “or is it my cum you need?”

“Oh god yes, I need it,” she said a little louder.

I knew it. She had a body that made men want to breed her and she had a thirst to fit that body. I could not resist it as I slid my cock into her hungry little pussy. I didn’t stop until I bottomed out and I was buried to the root. I heard her exhale as I hit bottom. I heard the word, “perfect,” escape her lips as I held it inside her and felt her whole body shake as she came all over my dick. I slowly started to pull out and I could see her white cum coating my cock and I knew that she had already cum for me. Her pussy was so good that I felt my own orgasm boiling in my balls.

I pushed back into her and I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “do you want me to cum inside you baby?”

Her head dropped as she softly whispered, “yessss.” It pushed me closer to release.
I knew that there was nothing that could stop me from impregnating this woman. “My god, you really need it don’t you,” I asked her.

Suddenly a change came over her as she sensed me getting close, “ I do, please give it to me, please, I need your cum inside me!”

I felt the cum surge through my cock and I buried myself deep into her. The thought crossed my mind and I actually spoke the words as the first spurt shot out of my cock and started to fill her womb, “God, I could be impregnating you right now.”

As the words left my mouth they seemed to excite her even more and she whispered “that’s what I need,” and she started fucking back into me, milking all the cum from my cock. It was as if her pussy was a mouth and it just kept milking my cock for more and more cum. I never came so much in my life as I drained my balls into her.

It was the most intense orgasm of my life and my legs began to shake as I started coming back to reality. I was balls deep in this woman, that I haven’t even met yet and her son was playing at a party less than 50 feet away. I immediately grew concern that we might get caught and she would be embarrassed. I had to get her back to that party if I wanted another chance to fuck her again.

I spun her around and kissed her again. She kissed me back with such ferocity that is pushed me back against the other side of the stall. I felt her grab my cock and start to stroke it. She was an expert with her hand and I started to get hard again. She dropped to her knees and started to suck on me. I was losing control and the odds of someone coming into the bathroom were growing by the second, but my cock was growing faster. She was like an a****l and she had me rock hard again.
She stood up and pulled me to her as she wrapped one leg around my waist and guided my cock into her. I felt the heat from her pussy envelop my cock as her head fell back and she said, “more, I need more.”

My god this woman was insatiable, I figured that it was going to take a while for me to cum again and I was worried about us getting caught, but she was fucking me like a woman possessed and there was nothing I could do about it.

Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she looked me strait in the eyes. “I need more baby. I need your cum inside me. I need you to make me pregnant. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what all men want, to fuck a baby into me? Don’t you want me to have your baby inside me? Don’t you want to pump me full of your hot cum and make my belly grow with your c***d?”

I couldn’t believe the intensity in her eyes, she was willing me to cum. She was forcing me to cum and I realized it as I felt it start to happen. My balls pulled up into me as they f***ed the cum up my though cock and into that starving little pussy.

All I could do was stare into her eyes as my cock erupted inside her. As the first shot left my cock and started to coat her pussy, her eyes rolled back into her head and her head fell back and I could see her lips mouth the word “yes.” She could feel my cock pumping her full of cum.

I filled her with more cum than I thought possible. I knew it was running out of her. As my cock started to soften and it slipped from her, I leaned back against the wall of the stall. I felt an ache in my balls as they were sore from the f***e of my orgasm. I looked across at her and she had a satisfied smile on her face and she used her a finger to wipe the cum that was running down the inside of her leg. She took the finger to her mouth and sucked the cum off as she stared into my eyes. “so sweet,” she said.

She pulled her pants up and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She stepped across the stall and kissed me very gently on the lips. “Thank you,” she whispered before opening the stall door and walking out.

The door closed behind her and I heard her pause in front of the mirror before walking out of the bathroom. Her voice shook me back to reality when she said, “excuse me,” to someone that was obviously entering the room. It took everything I had to lean over and pull the lock on the stall door. I was trapped in the stall, but it was ok because I wasn’t sure my legs would support me enough to walk out at that second.

I had a few minutes to wait until I could go after her, but I knew that I would. I had too.

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11 months ago
fuck that's hot
11 months ago
The start of a great series of episodes ... please keep writing more follow-on stories with these two.
11 months ago
I really like the story.....You really should write the next episode