woman's son set me up with her

I met a young guy in a chat room. He was 22 and had a fixation with his divorced mum, with whom he lived alone. She was 44 and he sent me some extremely nice pics of her top less on holiday with him and even nude in a sauna that they had been to together. Clearly he did not have normal feelings for his mum and he spied on her when he could. She was very open about nudity and they would often be naked in the house together.

It was obvious to me that the mum was a bit perplexed by her sons interest in taking pics of her semi nude (you could she her embarrassment in the pictures) but she must have either got a kick from it or didn’t know what to do to stop his somewhat unorthodox behaviour (she had more than once walked in on him masturbating and he would not make a big effort to conceal what he was doing.

Somehow he found pics on her computer of her fucking her ex-boyfriend and he shared a few pics with me. Very hot too! One was of her sucking his very big cock.

As the months passed he and I spoke on the phone a few times and wanked together on line talking about what I would do to his mum if I got the chance. I got the impression he was a bit bi, but this didn’t bother me so long as he helped me get access to his lovely mum.

We cooked up a coincidental meeting in a pub near his house when he was there with his mum. We had a prearranged plan where he pretended he and I knew each other from his martial arts class. He invited me to sit with him and his mum. She was so nice in the flesh and all the better as I had seen her nude and even seen her sucking cock and being fucked! Fun to have that knowledge when you first meet someone! I also knew from Andy that she was a bit easy with her favours and also liked a drink!

We sat for a few hours sharing stories and drinking. I found I got on very well with Julie, Andy’s mum. I made her laugh a lot and she was soon touching my arm as she laughed and giving plenty of eye contact. Knowing what I knew about her already I was fairly confident I could bed this lovely lady.

Andy got himself a phone call from a mate and said he needed to go and would be home late. By this time his mum was sufficiently absorbed with me to not be concerned and he disappeared off and she and I continued chatting. I got nice and close to her and she rested her hand on my thigh. Things were looking good.

At closing time she was pretty d***k and I offered to e****t her home. In the taxi we ended up kissing and holding close. She was so sexy and I was very horny kissing her and gently touching her breasts through her clothes in the back of the taxi.

When we got to her house it was a given that she would invite me in and we went straight to her room and stripped. She was every bit as gorgeous naked in the flesh as in the pics I had seen. We quickly joined together and I entered her with no foreplay; we were so hot for each other. After we fucked I slipped down and licked her for a while. She came fairly quickly even though she was d***k.

She feel asl**p right after she came and I nipped out to the loo as agreed with Andy. He was waiting, having watched me fuck his mum from the doorway (he had gone straight home when he left the pub). He insisted on sucking her juices off my cock and I agreed as that had been part of the deal when we made this sleazy arrangement.

The next part of the plan was that I would go back to the room and see how d***k Julie was before inviting him in. To be honest I was feeling a bit bad about this now as I quite liked his mum and she was a lovely fuck. However, we had been planning this for months and I owed it to him to let him take this as far as he could.

So, I went into the room and she was certainly completely out cold. She had had a lot to drink and maybe her orgasm had helped send her off. I pulled the sheets off her and went to get Andy. He came in and I got on the bed, in between her thighs and he knelt by the bed. I opened her cunt for his view. He was wanking by the bed. He leant over and sunk his fingers into his mothers pussy. She was still very wet from me licking her and he got two finger well into her and then pulled them out and licked them. I leant forward and entered her with my cock and he got right up to us and held me as I entered her; rubbing my cock up and down her lips as I slipped in.

I moved in and out of her a few times. We checked on her and she was sound asl**p so I came again in her and pulled out and he replaced me and slipped carefully into her. He is much bigger than me, but her cunt was well lubricated and he slipped in easily and in that second forfilling his dream. He moved only a few and came. He then went down on her, sucking both our spunk out of her. He was so happy.

As he licked her she began to stir a little so he quickly got off the bed, whispered his thanks and left. I climbed into bed beside her and was soon asl**p. A very horny experience, if rather a naughty one!

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1 year ago
A little weird, but incredibly hot!
1 year ago
A great account of a special moment for you both - in our experience such fixations are more common than is realised especially where there is an only child in a single parent relationship.
Also, as with your other work, well written with that added pleasure of having an air of reality that makes it all the more arousing.
Many thanks.......
1 year ago
Excellent story! Another great way to use a willing woman...so good of you to help her son experience her cunt! Given her nudity around him, I suspect you did them both a favor.
2 years ago
hot hot hot!
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing the interesting story, a pleasure to read.
Makes me wonder how many times Andy has set this type of action with other fellows. I can't imagine he would be happy tasting her charms just once. ;-)

Of course there is always the chance that the lady was a willing accomplice who was in on the planning, even before Andy made contact with you. Either way the original scenario was a turn on!
2 years ago
Very kinky and sexy. Loved it.
2 years ago
kinky story! good too!
2 years ago
so hot. made me jerk...wish there was more
2 years ago
no, i dindt do it again and it was way to risky and weird really!
2 years ago
very good did you do that again
2 years ago
Different but good.
3 years ago
very nice...I always wanted to be the andy in this story.
3 years ago
Wow..that was different and very hot.