Dad fucking my sl**ping yg gf

It was last Christmas and my girlfriend, Julie, was staying overnight at our house as her parents were away on a cruise and living 20 miles away and it was more fun for her to come to our house, enjoy the evening and have a few drinks without worrying about going home to an empty house.

There were only 4 of us at home. My little b*****r Jake, my dad, me and Julie. Mum was stuck in a snowbound Scotland on her way back from a business trip.

I watched my father ply my girlfriend with drinks all night. I knew he had a ‘thing’ about younger women (there had been a big fuss a couple of years ago when mum found out he was fucking his PA, who was 28 years younger than him (he was 53 then), but he had never been so pervy about one of my girlfriends before.

Ever since I had been seeing Julie I often spotted him looking at her legs, or down her top or smiling at her way too much. She is a cute girl; I think the best looking I have had. She is a couple of years younger than me (she goes to the same school where I am in the last year of my GCSEs), long brown hair, amazing tits, 34a, and a tiny slim body. She is about 5 foot 3 tall. She is very sexy and a bit slutty. She began young and by the time I had enjoyed what she had to offer she must have been into double figures. She is not exactly a slapper, but she is known to be a girl that wont play hard to get.

Anyway, dad had encouraged us both to drink as he always did at holiday times. He always says it is better to learn about booze in the safety of the home! Ironic! It wasn’t until about 10pm that I realised I was feeling quite d***k and Julie was very d***k. Dad had been letting us try cocktails and god knows what he had put in them, but they tasted lovely, if very alcoholic!

Julies short skirt was quite well raised up. She was sitting next to my b*****r Jake who liked her a lot and was holding her arm and sat quite close. I was on the other side and dad opposite in another chair. I am sure by now dad was looking right up Julies skirt, but he wouldn’t be able to see much as she was wearing tights. Her blouse had the top few buttons undone and she was wearing a white bra below, which was partly visible because Jake head was resting on her and pulling the blouse down a little.

For some reason, I think it must have been at dads suggestion, we all went to put on our PJs and come back to watch a film. I took Julie upstairs and she was fun and giggly. My parents always gave her my room when she stay and put me with Jake because at our age they wouldn’t condone us fucking in their house. I helped Julie into her PJs and of course had a good feel of her tits and cunt and a nice kiss while doing it. She gets wet very quickly and it was lovely to feel her wet pussy.

Anyway, back downstairs dad had made us new drinks and Julie finished hers very quickly. He had the DVD player ready and a good film. He had turned the lights down. Jake was going to be allowed to stay and watch the film but I knew he would fall asl**p before the end!

We settled down again but this time Julie sat on a cushion on the floor infront of the sofa with Jake between her open legs and dad and I sat on the sofa. Julie had her arms around Jake and he looked very contented, nuzzling as he was against her soft breast and his arse up against her pussy.

Not long into the film Jake fell asl**p as did Julie, although her sl**p was alcohol induced! Jake stayed where he was but half turned so his face was now on Julies breasts. His right hand had somehow under her PJ top, well up inside, very close to the perfect flesh of her lovely tits. There weren’t many buttons on Julies PJ top and a gap between buttons coincided exactly with where Jakes mouth had ended up and gapped open so that, had he known, he could have stuck his tongue out and lick her left breast! Ofcourse as he was asl**p it was only dad and I that could see his mouth an inch or so from her breast.

I was kinda excited now see her breast exposed to my pervy dad, but I was not so excited that I could stop myself nodding off due to all the cocktails. I didn’t nod off long and when I woke I simply opened my eyes. I looked down at Julie and saw that most of the buttons on her PJ top were now undone. Her tits were now completely bare, although only partly exposed because Jakes face was nestled between them and his mouth actually touching her left nipple. I was sure he was completely asl**p but maybe some kind of instinct had him nuzzling, really kinda sucking, the nipple as a baby would nuzzle a milky supply.

I pretended to still be sl**ping because I wanted to see what my pevy dad would do. I was a bit horrified that he was messing with my girl but I didn’t have the confidence to challenge him and I did have a tiny feeling of pervy excitement of my own.

Dad got up from the sofa and moved to the floor infront of Julie. He undid her PJ bottons which were held just by a cord. They were way too big for her and so he found it easy to ease them down on the side that Jake was not laying on. It was enough to expose her pussy and he immediately started stroking it. He eased her to a mostly lying position which had the effect of making Jake slip off to the outside of her leg, giving dad full access to Julies pussy. Jake’s right hand was now rest on Julies pube area, almost on her pussy and as he was between her and the sofa his face was still resting on her tits.

I knew this was not right but I had no clue what to do about what was happening. I couldn’t believe it when dad took Jakes hand and used it to penetrate Julie pussy. He put several of Jakes fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out.

I could hear squelching noise making it clear that Julie cunt was very wet. I had no idea what Dads agenda was and what he thought he would do if Jake woke. I guess he knew as we all did that Jake sl**ps very heavily, but even so!

Dad removed Jakes hand and then got himself in between Julies legs and got his cock into her cunt. I knew in my heart that he would end up fucking her, but to see it was shocking. He moved carefully and not too fast, I guess to enjoy it and not to wake her or Jake.

Dad fucked her and kissed her tits and after a fairly short time he pulled out and came on her pussy, tummy and tits. I could sense his feeling of alarm about what he had done, because with some haste he got up, picked up Jake to take him to bed. He came back a few minutes later but didn’t try to put Julies clothes back, nor removed his cum. He just put a blanket carefully over both she and me ( I was near the edge of the sofa, very close to her), He then turned the light out, TV off and quietly left.

I of course was very very horny and despite being d***k I was hard enough to climb between Julies thighs and fuck her very wet cunt. I didn’t even wipe dads cum off her. I was so fucking turned on. I was shocked in many ways. I came very quickly and then immediately fell asl**p on top of her.

We woke together in the morning both feeling like shit. We went up to my room and went back to bed. When we came down later dad was already gone shopping with Jake and Julie went off to see her girlfriend before they got back.

Julie never knew what happened that night and dad never mentioned anything. I split up with Julie in early January and she never came back for a sl**p over. I don’t see me letting this kind of thing happen with my next girlfriend but I cant deny it was a weird but exciting experience.

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7 months ago
my dad has wannted to do that to mine
1 year ago
god this ones even hotter!
2 years ago
Fucking hot!! Got me hard almost instantly. Wish the story was longer.
2 years ago
Well-told story man! This is something that as adults, we can understand...something about offering our girl to another man's cock is shows we control access to her, and can be quite an ego boost.
2 years ago
What a legendary father!
2 years ago
awesome , best story of all!
2 years ago
Such a good father......
2 years ago
another brilliant story, my cock is so hard, ur old dad is a right one eh!
3 years ago
very hot n horny
3 years ago
very wierd for me at the time. it is only in adulthood that I have found it understandable what he did and I have found it exciting to think about
3 years ago
Nice one, and even better that you mixed your spunk with your dads.
3 years ago
4 years ago
lol i think i wudve knocked my dad clean out if i saw this happening
4 years ago
what a dirty old man
4 years ago
It's good to share.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
super story!
4 years ago
My son and I shared lot's of girls including his current wife. I always liked her sitting on my lap facing away from me and towards him while I fucked her ass then she would slide down and suck me off.
4 years ago
Nice to see your old man get a taste of that skanky slut.
4 years ago
Great story