gave girlsfriends pussy to 2 strangers

this is a true story, although when I wrote it I put it into the third person. My girl at the time was 22, I was much older. She was a lovely sexy girl with 34a tits and a nice tight cunt. She had had loads of cock and when d***k was very easy. I adored this girl and the night that this event happened was fantastic!

It was night 2 of their holiday. They had a lovely Italian meal early on and then visited a few bars. In her sexy summery clothes she had got a lot of appreciative looks and he lots of envious ones throughout the evening. She had on her favourite white cotton skirt that she hitched up to dance and to walk more freely. Under it she had on a white thong. She was braless with a thin strapped loose, midriff baring top. When she leant well forward her nipples were clearly visible and had been seen by many many guys that evening! Some looked casually, other more obviously, but many had seen! With her beautiful dark hair flowing around her shoulders back, her eyes bright with carefully applied make-up; she was simply gorgeous.

By midnight they were both pretty d***k and enjoying themselves in the busy club they had ended up in. The dance-floor was packed and they were f***ed to dance close together. During one dance they couldn’t resist having a grope. He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and fingered her pussy. She was very wet. She grabbed his hardening cock and pulled his zip down so she could feel the flesh. A few others in the d***ken close packed mob saw what was happening. One or two men took advantage of the couples preoccupation and put their hands up the girls skirt and felt her arse and fingered her from behind. She didn’t really notice, what with feeling her lovers cock, him feeling her pussy, the music and the crush of people.

Shortly afterwards they decided to leave. They went outside and headed in the direction of their hotel. Before they had gone far they saw a dark alleyway and knew they simply had to go there to have a quickie! They always took advantage of risky places to fuck and after a night of teasing and booze this night was not going to be any different. They kissed and he pulled down the straps on her top to suck her breasts. She was very excited. He bent down and removed her panties and put them in his pocket. Then he bent her over and lifted her skirt above her waist. He got his cock out and entered her from behind. She held onto a post so that he could push hard against her.

While he was doing this he noticed two young guys watching them. They saw that he had seen them and they came closer into the alley but they didn’t make any noise. She still had not seen them, but they came right up to the couple. One reached under her and massaged her breasts. This was when she noticed the presence of others, but she still did not no there were two men.

She enjoyed the extra pair of hands on her body and moaned all the more. The second guy had got his cock out and was wanking as he watched the scene. As the boyfriend was pumping into his girl he reached into his pocket and got out 2 condoms. He offered one to each of the guys. Theirs eye lit up at the invitation. The one nearest the girls arse put on a condom and the boyfriend pulled away to allow the guy to enter the girls pussy. He slipped easily into her soaking hole.

The guy pumped hard into her and she was very excited; grunting and groaning her appreciation. Her boyfriend moved around so she could suck him and this was the first time she knew for sure that another man was fucking her. The thrill made her shudder with excitement. The guy fucking was young, very hard and horny and soon cried out and orgasmed, deep inside her. His mate quickly pushed him away and replaced him, having already put on his condom. He had been wanking as he watched and it was only a couple of minutes later that he got close to coming. He pulled out, ripped the condom off and tossed off over the girls arse and back.

The guys said thanks a lot and wander off. Much as the boyfriend wanted to finish off and cum himself he thought the risk a bit too great now incase the two lads told other mates about the free sex! The couple stood up. The man put his cock away, wiped the cum quickly off his girls back with her panties and they went off in the direction of their hotel. When they got there they went straight to the hotel pool…
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1 year ago
very hot and sexy to fuck in a pool tat night with that pool lie on from under the water. Makes everything more sexy.
1 year ago
it was a lovely thing to see for sure and her cunt felt very nice when i fucked her in the pool afterwards!
1 year ago
hot, love to what her being use like that. Watching her face while she is sucking you, those expressions as the other guys fuck her. And the hot scene as they dump their used condoms on her like a slut. I would have eaten her pussy at the hotel (in a 69) before fucking her and then the pool
1 year ago
Great story, though of course the writing is not up to your previous standards. This is a normal thing for most men and you are lucky to have found so many women willing to serve your needs so well in this regard. Nice work, man!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
That was hot. Wish I had been there. Thanks
3 years ago
lots more
4 years ago
Sounds like more cumming is coming up ;)