old man uses young girlfriends pussy

She was very d***k and as soon as they got to the hotel room, I helped her strip the few clothes she was wearing off and she fell right to sl**p, inelegantly across the bed. She lay on her back, legs together. Once she dropped off to sl**p I opened her legs so that her hairy bush and shaven lips were nicely exposed. I couldn’t resist giving her cunt a little lick. We had been dancing all night and she was sweaty, but it was still a great tasting cunt!

Although it was hot in the room I placed a sheet carefully over her body so that only one pert young breast was visible along with her legs, tummy and a hint of her pubis. I didn’t want things looking TOO contrived when this plan came together, but I wanted it to be clear that she was nude. It could anyway backfire, or come to nothing so it had to look kinda natural that she was laying nude on the bed. I was chancing this naughty plan today because it was our last night of the holiday and if there was any embarrassment it we would not be faced with it later.

Her head was turned to one side and buried in a pillow; a natural subconscious reaction to the bright light. This helped my plan and I added another pillow next to the one she was holding to guarantee that if her eyes did open momentarily she would not see anything. She looked amazingly sexy!

On the way up from the lobby of the small hotel I had noticed that the old man was on duty. I presume he was the owner as he looked far too old to be working; certainly late 60s, but probably older! Over the last few days the guy had been ogling my girlfriend every time he saw her and tonight with her micro skirt, with g string and midriff baring cotton top with no bra his eyes had been almost popping out of his head. She had been getting loads of horny looks all night long in the bars and clubs we had been to. I love guys looking at her and the more they can see the better as far as I am concerned.

As we had got into the elevator I had made sure to lift her skirt a bit to fully expose her arse cheeks, knowing that the old man could see what I was doing before the elevator door closed.

Once I was sure my girlfriend was sl**ping deeply I rang to the lobby and asked if they could bring up a bottle of water. In preparation I went to the bathroom and prepared to brush my teeth. As soon as the knock came on the door I put plenty of tooth paste in my mouth and began brushing. I went to the door, brush in hand, opened and the old man was standing there with the bottle and some glasses. I motioned with my head for him to take it into the room, muttering with a mouth full of toothpaste that I would be in in a second to sign the invoice.

I was very nervous. I didn’t know if the old man would be shocked, excited, upset or whatever combination of these things. I quickly but quietly spat out the toothpaste and went into the room. I came in slowly, hoping to see evidence of his interest. I immediately saw that the sheet was not as I had left it. He had obviously moved it enough to expose fully her pussy hair and almost to her lips.

The old man looked flushed; perhaps embarrassed, certainly excited. He had placed the bottle of water on the bedside table right next to her head. He would have been only a few centimetres from her exposed breast when he put the bottle down. I was a bit embarrassed and excited too! I sat on the bed, making sure that in doing so it pulled the sheet further off her body. I took the invoice from the man and signed it.

I asked if he liked what he saw when he came into the room. I asked if he wanted to see more. He looked at me nervously and said of course he did. I said ok, sit down and watch, but be ready to move off quickly if she woke up.

I pulled the sheet off her completely and climbed between her legs to open her cunt to show him the lips, and moist inside. I had dropped my towel so I was now nude. As I worked on her cunt the old man got his cock out and began wanking. I was surprised that a man of his age could get such a good erection so quickly; but he managed fine!

I began licking her cunt, then when she hadn’t stirred at all I climbed up further and entered her. The old man came close to watch as I fucked her. I thought what the hell and I offered it to him. I took a condom from the table and gave it to him. He quickly put it on his hard cock, and got between her thighs and eased himself in. He moved carefully in and out of her wet pussy. It was amazing to watch.

I sat beside them and wanked vigorous at this incredible sight. He couldn’t move too much for fear of waking her, despite the fact that she as clearly deeply under. After 5 minutes he pulled out, took the condom off and tossed off over her cunt and stomach.

He was breathing heavily and as he calmed down he fingered her cunt a little and then zipped up, said thanks and went to leave. As he got to the door he asked if I was interested in seeing another guy using her cunt. I said it depends who! He said that he b*****r was staying and he would love to have a go.

I was at two minds. We had got away with naughty deed once; was it worth trying again? I decided it was too risky and told the guy maybe not a good idea. He said fair enough and left.
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7 months ago
I wonder if she ever found out
1 year ago
naught story. Did our fuck her after. stick your cock into that used pussy. Did she remember anything or ask questions. Bet every time you fucked her you thought how slutty she is to have other men also take her.
1 year ago
A most enjoyable story about a man's natural inclinations to controlling access to his woman's cunt...can't truly say you control it if you don't occasionally let others use it.
3 years ago
The possibility of getting caught just adds to the excitement. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
excellent story, i love people using my wife like that when she is drunk
4 years ago
i very much hope to do this same thing with a new gf I have who falls into very deep sleep after drinking. I will write about it if i manage to get it to happen
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
very interesting
4 years ago
you naughty, naughty, lucky bastard.
4 years ago
love the story .. pretty much exactly what i'd like to set up with my wife
4 years ago
it was a seriously exciting thing to do. I was kinda scared things could go wrong, but I wanted to try it I was prepared to take the risk. Since then I have done similar and 'worse' things, but at that time and with that girl it was unbelievably exciting!
4 years ago
great story and so natural, wish it'd been me.
4 years ago
you got it great Mam,very good story
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good story man