naughty voyeurism

Naughty voyeurism

A couple of weeks ago I was on the beach with a very horny friend. She is early 30s, very trim, petite, 32a, completely shaved cunt. She is a very very horny girl. She seems to like sex anywhere and anytime and is always looking for more places to fuck! I am heavily into risky sex, but even I am sometimes wary of her desires because I like my freedom and my job and don’t want to get arrested for public indecency!

Well, on the day in question we sat on a sandy bit of beach a while and mostly dozed, just occasionally touching. There were a lot of families around and it was not easy to do much. After a short while we moved along the beach to a slightly quieter area and sat on some rocks which gave us some, but not much, privacy. There were fewer people around. Closest to us was a group of young girls, maybe 5 metres away and having fun waiting for waves to catch and soak them amid much giggling and laughing. Their parents were further away, still within view, but too far to notice much what was happening near us.

I hadn’t really registered how close anyone was to us, but with the sun beating down my girlfriend unhooked her top to allow the sun to tan her back properly. I took the opportunity to reach around and cup her breasts, and tweak her nipples. My girlfriend got hornier and teased my cock from the leg of my trunks and gently massaged it. I had my legs crossed so from ground level an observer would not have seen much, except her hand moving back and forth.

The group of young girls must indeed have seen the hand movement. In particular, the ‘ring-leader’, a girl slightly older than the others, started showing subtle but clear interest in what we were doing. The group of girls moved to various positions left right and in front of us. I could sense they were moving around pretending to find a better place to observe the waves and get soaked when the waves crashed into the rock. On the few times I dared look properly at the girls it was clear to me that they were watching us.

What excited me was that my girlfriend, who had a better view than me (because she was facing towards them I am was facing her), clearly knew the girls were watching and did not stop what I was doing or what she was doing, infact on the contrary; she appear to rub me more vigorously when the girls were closer! Because the girls were standing they were looking down at us and for certain could see my girlfriends hand wanking my cock and my cock itself.

I have always loved being watched during sexual activity, but never thought about entertaining such young girls! I had no idea that they would even be such blatant observers! I paid more attention and noticed that the older girl had pulled her bikini bottoms tight against her pussy and her lips and (almost unbelievably!) her pussy hood were very clearly visible through the thin material. At one point she was standing on a rock, higher than us, about 4-5 meters away, looking directly down on us. She must clearly have seen my now very hard cock being masturbated and the nipples of my girlfriends as I now made a show of tweaking her nipples.

The girls would go away and then reappear somewhere else to the left or right of us as they continued to look for things amongst the rocks and play in the splashing waves. This went on for quite a while, but then, whilst they sat in their original spot to the side of us, about 7-10 metres away one of their mums came over to talk to them and gave us some pretty dirty looks! I think she had a good idea what had been going on, or if not that we were being too ‘affectionate’ in front of her k**s. Anyway, we decided we had better tidy ourselves up. Having an angry mother or father chastise us, or worst report us was not part of the fun!

I was so excited by this incident. It is never something I imagined would be exciting, but I think because my girlfriend ‘initiated’ the exposing, it made it particularly erotic. It is not something a man could possibly do alone. Seeing the older girl clearly turned on by what she could see was intriguing too of course.

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1 year ago
lucky you and lucky for the horny young girls
1 year ago
It is great how you discuss your reactions to such events in your stories! Well told man!
2 years ago
lovely story, bet that hood was lovely to stare at, how old?
2 years ago
nice bit of chance wanking there my friend .
2 years ago
Good god ... how nice!
2 years ago
Wonderful story, really good, how old would u guess the ring leader was. I would have loved to see her hood
2 years ago
so hot! Loved it!
2 years ago
I love been wanked off in front of girls or do it myself if they want to watch
2 years ago