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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #15: Tamara-3

Tamara and I teach the three sweet sexy slaves a lesson of dear dedication

Tamara is a talented tasty teen and in full control of her pussy's muscles
Tasty teen Tamara succeeds in sucking some smoke of hot pot from my joint!

Tamara gets a special sexy tasty treatment in bed that sweet Saturday night
Tamara gets a creampie first which leaks all down to wet her tight sphinxter

Tamara is so horny hot and high she can not stop coming with all her might
Tamara milks my member by both her hot holy holes for my erotic explosions

Tamara sets an example for the three tasty se
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #14: Tamara-2

Tamara is introduced to my three tasty sexy slaves in training only after her first awesome orgasm

Tamara slowly gets back her breath after coming from the combination of severe spanking and caressses
Tamara slowly gets back to her feet for a trial to follow the tasty teens awesome ordeal over my knee

Tamara please kneel down to me at that second pillow while Ai will show us her hot oral skills!
Tamara does not know anything yet about her three colleagues this warm weekend which turns so hot

Tamara, let me present to you my slaves, my nice niece Aisha, doesn't
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #13: Tamara-1

Tamara is in time to watch morning masturbations after intimate inspections of my slaves

I train three tender tasty slender sexy slaves at a daily base since a few days at my place
I train them at turns by me in bed for a nice night, after they perform routines every day

I have my plans set for the upcoming weekend - suddenly fresh female friend asks for a visit
I have my arms open for my fresh friend and youngest of my yummies - not even twenty she is!

I ask her to take the earliest possible train to Amsterdam to be in time for my morning rituals
I ask her to dress pro
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There was always a moral dilemma in my mind when it came to sex. I was raised a good Catholic girl and my parents always emphasized being a good girl to me. I was uptight and interested in sex all at the same time. My parents had a pre-cable pay for TV service that had a movie channel when I was young. My parents went out many Saturday nights when I was in middle school and I was old enough to stay home alone. I spent many of those nights watching the other channel that came with that service. It was an adult channel. I was so intrigued by the movies that I watched and I would play with... Continue»
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[Story] Lekkere Lisette #1: Groen Gegeil

Lekkere Lisette is dol op zowel blowen als een paal blazen, maar kan ook al fantastisch paaldansen!

Lekkere Lisette likt langs haar lippen als ik haar vraag of ze wil helpen om mijn oogst te verpakken
Lekkere Lisette houdt van een vrolijk verzetje - en mag gaarne meeroken met mijn oogst van vorig jaar
Lekkere Lisette is pas achttien en dol op blowen als zovele tieners van haar leeftijd, kan ze blazen?
Lekkere Lisette is al achttien en dol op vrijen al sinds ze dat pas ontdekte, dat was nog in dit jaar

Wij zitten allebei langs een lange kant van mijn lage salontafel en wij
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[Story] Loes Leert Luisteren #5

Lekkere Loes leert desperaat van haar lange afstuderen eindelijk om te luisteren naar mijn adviezen
Lekkere Loes gaat gelijk de eerste dag met fijn veel vrijen al helemaal om - en vraagt haar vriendin
Tanige Tannie zit er ook al maanden tegen aan te hikken en gaat net zo snel helemaal overstag bij mij
Tanige Tannie zit snel net zo graag even bij mij op schoot voor een knuffel als lekkere Loes bij mij!

Beide geile meiden krijgen eerst veel hete vrijpartijen met mij voor ik ze beiden aan het werk zet

Beide mooie meiden moeten bij het begin zich voor mij helemaal uitkleden - ... Continue»
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[Story] Loes Leert Luisteren #4

Loes hikt al dik een jaar tegen haar afstudeerscriptie aan en haar hete vriendin Tannie net zo
Loes is blij met mij als haar Meester, bedenkt al na een dag dat Tannie ook mij nodig heeft zo
Loes laat haar grenzen varen - en accepteert dat ik zolang het zal duren haar Meester zal zijn
Loes is binnen een dag mijn gewillige seksslavin, zij raadt graag aan Tannie hetzelfde recept!

Mijn mooie meiden lijken op elkaar - behalve van de klankkleur van stem en hun kleur haar

Beide mooie meiden willen even gretig hun hete Meester Peter behagen in hun hoop op voorrang
Beide moo... Continue»
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[Story] Sex Clinic #2 - Hot Holiday

Father a baby for my dear dirty doctor in return for my demand for full domination - of both!

We get up late in the mornings as our nights last long and our hot foxy fun is pretty exhausting
We get a big brunch to store energy and walk the skinny sexy blonde beauty to her beach sun bath

Like my dear doctor I do not like that immense heat so we often go for a shaded walk or a museum
Like that I have a lot of occasions to get to know her a better to the extend of her blond friend

She lectures me secretly about the medical details of her chance to get pregnant from making
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[Story] Sex Clinic #1 - Prelude

I summarize this sexy series: sex with two good girlfriends leads later to intimate impreganations

I summarize the sexy content of this issue: I make love to two tasty lovely ladies soon slaves of love
I summarize the set-up of this serious series of sexy stories of to two women wanton for sex and love

I will tell in my prelude how two girlfriends, each others best, become hot for my daily doses of love
I wlll tell You first about a hot holiday together which turns our apartment into our first Sex Clinic

I summarize the second longest part of this series when the cool ho
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[Story] Sex Clinic #0 - Synopsis

From a fucking hot horny holiday to intimate impregnation visits every fortnight to the Sex Clinic

In the Sex Clinic I fathered quite a few babies at beautiful warm women who work there in the top jobs
Intimate impregations in that sex Clinic were a natural follow-up of a foxy hot sexy holiday for three

In the first episode I will tell how the sexy situation on a holiday with two good girlfriends got hot
In that hot holiday I found out about the secret sexy desire of the shyest of the two tasty great gals

I introduced the idea to solve any holiday disputes by democratic
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[Story] More than a spanking in the woods

It was early in the summer and there was still a lot of snow on the mountain peaks as I arrived in the parking lot at my favourite place to hike. I noticed that only one other vehicle was there and who ever owned it had good and expensive taste in automobiles. It had been a frustrating month at work and ever since I had broken it off with my boyfriend I was becoming very irritable, I only missed one thing from him and that was his ability to make my pussy happy. I had intended to just hike up to the trail head and back, then go home so I hadn't packed much in my small back pack. I was als... Continue»
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Ice play

As I type this, I have 3 ice cubes in my pussy. I thought I was going to cum the minute that I inserted them. I love the feeling of ice on my clit, but if you push the ice inside me.... ooh yes!!

They melt and trickle warm fluid down your pussy lips and onto your ass.

I'm just going to put some in that tight hole too, as I love the feeling so much. ;)

The only thing missing is for someone to be spanking my bare ass as these ice cold delights are inserted.
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Anal with glass dildo

Well, I got slightly carried away yesterday. I used my favourite glass dildo in my bottom and I must have been rather rough with myself as I feel as though I'm bruised and battered.

It has a wonderfully long handle on it and it makes it easier to manoeuvre it around inside you. It's one of the best for making me cum, even better than my 'real life' dildo. The clit stim makes me cum, but I had to throw away my rabbit vibe as it just stopped working. :(

The 'real life' dildo needs replacing soon, too. But for now, I've got my trusted glass dildo, clit vibe and the new cock shaped anal p... Continue»
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #12: Ai Suffers

Ai is the third of my three tasty sexy slaves to be on trial for her earlier misbehaving to me

Ai is last for learning a lesson from me which her bottom will remember for a few days - and nights!
Ai is last remaining of my three tasty sexy slaves who is still in shape to share my bed for a night

Ai is a smart student of logics from Japan who finishes her MA in an exchange program to Amsterdam
Ai is as smart as good looking with a fine face half long hair firm tits between A and B-cups size

Ai is still a virgin in both her hot holy holes which I inspect every morning befo
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #11: Alex Suffers

Aisha Ai and Alex are my three tasty sexy slaves serving me pleasure while I teach and train them

Aisha is still in slumbers after her orgasms so long and hard she is completely exhausted from coming
Alex helps me to clean our mess while Ai left for her study of Logics at the University of Amsterdam

Alex is wet, warm, wanton to receive a similar treatment as Aisha got: a punishment to seventh heaven
Alex is wearing a schoolgirls short skirt, a sexy stretch tasty tiny white top and colourful leggings

Alex sits at my lap when she is finished with her chores - glad she ca
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #10: Aisha Suffers

Aisha, Ai and Alex perfectly perform their morning duties for me as my three tasty sexy slaves

Aisha mumbles in her dream in my arms Yes Professor Peter I will try to be to you a sweet slave
Aisha's mind tries to forget her visit for a month early Summer, prays to God I will do the same

I smile as I know what I have in mind for her next day to teach her a lesson which will last long
I smile at her as she wakes up - she immediately realises her duty as my slave in bed for a night

Aisha gets up to make me a mug of tea - she brings it to me and gets down on her knees
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #9: Aisha's Lesson

Aisha and I in one bedroom while Ai and Alex are in the second for some sexy stereo chamber music

After Aisha tells us three her earliest erotic experiences and the rest of her sexual history I take
Aisha to bed with me where we lay down as spoons with her beautiful bottom warming my wooden manhood

Alex and Ai are together in the other bedroom where we watch them on my big screen by my two cameras
Alex is less shy than Ai and takes the initiative teasing and tasting her firm tits and hard nipples

Aisha discovers she loves to be a voyeur and she is easily turned on by
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #8: Aisha's Confessio

Attractive awesome Aisha cutely confesses her earliest erotic experiences and memorable moments

After Alex tells us as first about her first erotic feelings and discovering pleasing her pretty pussy
Aisha is next to take the stand for her honest horny confession of early slit sliding and clitty play

Aisha, I am very curious at which age you started to pleasure yourself by playing with your pussy?
Aisha, I only know that your mom told her both dear dods while bathing them it is fine, perfectly!

Aisha blushes a bit and licks her lips so sweet and shy - she seems won
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[Story] Lisa's Liefde #2: Liefde in het spel

Lisa lijkt de ideale vriendin van innerlijk en uiterlijk al is ze wel wat jong - heerlijk toch?

Lisa is zo blond als jong en net zo slank als knap - net waar ik op val: knap van binnen en buiten!
Lisa is eigenlijk nog maagd omdat zij nog nooit met een vreemde heeft gevreeën - nooit buitenshuis

Lisa schrijft met mij met lange pauzes van langer dan een jaar waarin haar nieuwsgierigheid rijpt
Lisa schrijft met mij met lange pauzes van langer dan een jaar waarin zij langzaam verliefd raakt

Lisa verlangt verschrikkelijk naar mij en ik inmiddels ook erg naar haar, kunnen we el
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[Story] Lisa's Liefde #1: Voorspel

Raar verhaal en tragische aanleiding hoe ik Lisa leer kennen met liefde en dood op elkaars lip

Raar verhaal zoals ik Lisa leerde kennen als vriendin van een vriendin met maar een dozijn vriendinnen
Raar verhaal vooral hoe ik achteraf één van de allerlaatste bleek te zijn die schreef met die vriendin

Ik las een paar verhalen van haar en schreef haar daarom een paar berichtjes, waar zij op antwoordde
Ik kreeg de laatste keer antwoord van haar uit het ziekenhuis zei zij mij, net als ik altijd eerlijk

De getalenteerde schrijfster van amper dertig staat aan de vooravond van e
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #3

Alessandra - het verhaal in verzen over mij mooiste en moeilijkste muze gaat toch nog verder!

Na mijn tweede verhaal over mijn muze Alessandra verwachtte ik aanvankelijk met haar klaar te zijn
Aldus één van mijn eerste commentaren daar maar snel volgden er meer, genoeg voor een volgend vers

Onderstaand verhaal bestaat goeddeels uit citaten van mijn commentaren bij mijn tweede vers voor haar
Kennelijk geldt hier nog steeds voor mij: "Waar het hart vol van is stroomt de mond van over"!

Na ongeveer twee jaar verbrak Alessandra onlangs de vriendschap hier en even late
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #2

Alessandra is mijn moeilijkste muze als beste bron van lekkere langdurige intieme inspiratie

Alessandra is een moeilijke mooie meid om mee om te gaan - maar niet omdat ze zo verwaand zou zijn!
Alessandra is net zo moeilijk voor zichzelf als voor haar beste vrienden zowel hier als in het echt

Alessandra is niet achterlijk maar zwaar autistisch waardoor het lijkt alsof ze half gestoord zou zijn
Alessandra is vooral met zichzelf bezig met de muizenissen in haar hoofd en kan zich niet echt inleven

Alessandra is echt een moeilijke meid ook, en met name, voor wie heel veel om
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #7: Alex's Confession

Alex enjoys erotic quality time with Ai in their bed for this sexy Sunday naughty night

After anal abuse I amuse Aisha and me in my bed while Alex is in the other bed with virgin Ai
After my eye-wink for goodbye for the night Alex understands she can seduce as she likes my Ai

Aisha is exhausted from coming so hard and long from my dry and thus painful anal penetration
Aisha is in both Morpheus and my arms and does not notice the high pitched squeeks from my Ai

I switch on our internal circuit to watch on large screen how Alex indeed licks along Ai's slit
I switch the so
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #5: Twat Spank, Anal-2

Awesomely attractive Aisha on trial for her earlier offences committed as my guest of one month

Aisha is easily the biggest beauty of my three tasty tender sexy slender slaves over both Alex and Ai
Aisha is radiating happiness with her sweet seductive smile and blushed cheeks almost all of the time

Aisha enormously enjoys her role in the execution of painful punishment of Alex for her two offences
Aisha sexily sits at the fine face of Alex wetting it all over when she rides her nose lips and chin

I allow Aisha to take over the pussy spanking, when I start to prepare Alex
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #1

Alessandra is mijn mooiste muze en beste bron van intelligente en erg intieme inspiratie

Alessandra komt onder haar eigen naam niet voor tot zo ver in mijn vele versjes en verhaaltjes
Alessandra komt onder een dozijn namen voor in vooral het Engels, op haar verzoek ook Hollands

Alex heet ze in mijn lopende serie in het Engels over de drie sexy slavinnen die ik train thuis
Alex bevalt mij zelf het best als naam, het klinkt zo jongensachtig, net als haar figuurtje is!

Alessandra heeft vrij kleine borsten, halverwege cupmaat A en B zo lijkt mij van haar fotootjes
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #5: Pussy Spanking & A

Alex breaks many of my rules in a short time-span of only one hour, while we three are shopping

So far only Ai broke my rules first day, so she was taught a lesson to learn to control her coming
She was spanked hard without the permission to come as in proper spanking for pleasure for the two

Soon I discover a bigger break of my rules, by Alex whom I know best of all three tasty sexy slaves
So I announce a trial to find out how guilty she really is and agree on a proper punishment for her

The jury of three decides on pussy spanking and next losing her anal virginity unce
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[Story] Snoesje Assepoesje

Snoesje Assepoesje is de laatste van vele namen die ik mijn muze al gaf hier

Snoesje noem ik haar vaak in onze privé correspondentie, of lekkertje en liefje
Loesje noem ik haar vaak in mijn publieke versjes, of Les(je), Alex soms Liesje

Skatje schatteke soms mien meske of lief wiefke in mijn zelf verzonnen Brabants
Vaak als ze gaat slapen stop ik haar even onder en geef kusjes op haar oogjes: :* :*

Tot slot krijgt ze een dikke smakkerd van een pakkerd op haar voorhoofd, zo: X
Dan fluister ik ten afscheid in haar oortje: "Tot merge, mien mooi meske"

Kleine kans
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves#3: First Spankings

At the end of their first full day as my guests, the three sexy slaves get their first spanking

Two of the slaves were sufficiently submissive and worked well all day to make proper place for them
They will be spanked for pleasure to reward them for their commitment to the tasks which I gave them

The third - out of our sight for most of the day - suffered from an illusion she could sin unnoticed
She will be spanked for punishment, which means she shall - unlike the two - not enjoy any orgasming

Of course I'm no fool and easily unveiled her break of my rule of having an o
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves#3: Intimate Inspections

Ai Aisha and Alex are three tasty sweet sexy slaves I train and educate at me

Each one very diffrently, I train three tasty sexy slaves simutaneously at me
Each of the three needs her personal erotic education, lusty liberation by me

Let me first introduce them three to you - each in her different little chapter
Let me first give you their names: Ai, Aisha and Alex, different in character

Ai is shy and very conservative, Aisha seems happy: she smiles all of the time
Alex I know her best but she is still a riddle to me - as to herself for long time

All are slender bui
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves#2: The Rules

The rules for all three as long as they are here in our home I state to them first

The first rule is they three shall be obedient and happily perform all their tasks
The second rule states what they all will wear as soon as they are inside my place

The third set summarizes the daily routines of intimate inspection and masturbation!
The fourth set is on privacy: none - and their private hygiene here: no more shaving

The fifth rule is about adressing me and in general on use of language: very polite
The sixth rule is about sex: only with me, each others and only after my
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