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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #21: Sasha

Sexy Swedish Sasha is a blonde BOOBY beauty - She longs to visit me at her next stay in A'dam

Sexy Swedish Sasha is often in Amsterdam to visit her s*s who lives there, now she wants to see me
Sexy Swedish Sasha is proud of her goodies as those firm boobies form an offer no man ever refused

Sasha got hot for me when she started to follow the stories of how I train three sweet sexy slaves
Sasha got hot for my idea to try a sexy session at my place to teach those three a lovely lesson!

I introduce the three to her right after her arrival at me: my naughty niece Aisha and
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #9: Kerstkindje

Alessandra belandt in bed bij haar hete Meester Peter en zijn geile kleindochter Petra

Alessandra bracht de nacht door bij Meester Peter die haar leerde genieten van 69 met een man
Alessandra schrok toen zijn kleindochter Petra ineens thuiskwam en hen samen in bed betrapte!

Alessandra wist nog niet wat zij met die twee gemene geilerikken nog allemaal zou gaan beleven
Alessandra viel in slaap en droomde erg raar zo te horen aan de woorden die zij soms mompelde

Alessandra droomt of maakt zij dit werkelijk allemaal mee? - Ze moet er niet aan denken of wel?

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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #8: Meester Peter

Alessandra trekt onderweg naar Peter alvast haar sexy slipje uit, ze moet zo nodig sassen

Alessandra gaat in de laatste bus naar Meester Peter expres helemaal alleen achterin zitten
Alessandra gaat daar op de achterbank alvast haar natte sletten-slipje voor hem uittrekken!

Alessandra wil niet met lege handen zo dadelijk bij hem aan de bel trekken voor de nacht
Alessandra wil wel graag direct op de pot - ze is nog zo geil van die twee mooie meiden

Alessandra moet nu heel nodig plassen maar ze durft niet om die stadsbus onder te spuiten
Alessandra moet heel nodig sasse
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #7: Vivian en Lilian-2

Alessandra vrijt voor het allereerst van haar leven met twee mooie meiden tegelijkertijd!

Alessandra voldoet verlegen aan de wonderlijke wensen van Vivian en lekker liederlijke Lilian
Alessandra verlangt al zo lang om goed genomen te worden door twee hete mooie meiden tegelijk

Alessandra voldoet gretig en gewillig aan het verzoek van Vivian om haar pronte borsten te pakken
Alessandra verlangt al zo lang naar die wereld-tieten en eindelijk heeft zij ze voor het grijpen!

Alessandra presenteer mij je jongenskontje verlangt Lilian van haar - zij gehoorzaamt gretig
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #6: Vivian en Lilian-1

Alessandra wil dolgraag van bil met de beroemde Vivian en haar vaste vriendin leuke Lilian

Alessandra is als mijn dierbare dochter daarom doe ik alles wat ik kan om haar te verwennen
Alessandra is heel verlegen en verlangt naar een mooie vrouw met mooie grote pronte borsten

Alessandra durft nauwelijks voor haar gevoelens uit te komen, zeker niet een afspraak maken
Alessandra durft alleen als ik haar een handje help met mijn vertrouwde veilige vriendinnen

Alessandra mag op mijn voorspraak kennis maken met een heel beroemd model: verleidelijke Vivian
Alessandra mag op mij
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[Story] Susan and Nat in A'dam #3: Nat Longs Love

I get in my bed an offer of tasty teen 40c-cup BOOBY beauty nice Natalie not to be refused!

Last night Susan sneaked to my bed to make love, the night after Natalie's first orgasms she does
Nice Nat is still a virgin but she knows now she longs to leave her cherry at me in awesome A'dam

Please Professor Peter will you make me a woman here before we will leave back to the States?
Peter you are so sweet to me and my mom so I trust you completly, hope you will do me the honour

We will see tomorrow my dear, I take you in my arms to bring you back into the arms of old Morp
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #5: met Petra

Alessandra is mijn mooiste muze al valt zij vooral voor verschrikkelijk verleidelijke meiden

Alessandra is mijn mooiste muze en de meest frequente bron van inspiratie voor mijn verzen
Alessandra is als een dochter voor mij, ik ken haar zelfs beter dan haar biologische vader

Alessandra zwijgt nu al zeker zes weken met mij - al blijft zij mij dagelijks gretig lezen
Alessandra is gewend dat ik haar elke dag even verwen met mijn grapjes en lieve vertelsels

Alessandra is de houder van alle records bij mij op deze plek in het web met mijn vriendinnen
Alessandra is al honderd
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[Story] Nice Nina Seduces Shy Ai Kawaii

Nice Nina is a yummy young blond beauty as Swedish as sexy, but in bed as lesbian as can be!

Nice Nina is young pretty and competent at Winter sports, the beautiful blonde lives and works in Tirol
Nice Nina is as sexy as men imagine from Swedish slender gals since the start of the sexual revolution

Nice Nina is any man's dream indeed to see but unfortunately for them only into girls, Asians at best
Nice Nina is dreaming every night of their tasty tight asses and how she wants to conquer them in bed

Nina lives as instructor for ski and snowboard classes, an ideal situatio
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[Story] Nice Nina and Awesome Aisha #1

Nice Nina desires awesome Aisha from the moment she sees her move her hips in the right rythm

Nice Nina is a slender sensual sexy ski-instructor from Sweden seducing her schools great gals
Nice Nina sees the talent of awesome athletic Aisha from first moment she slides down on skis

Nina follows the swing of her hot hips down the slope Wow this blonde beauty can dance well
Nina follows both her hormones and her intuition I want her to share my bed from first night!

Aisha appears back uphill with bluhes on her cheeks, a big smile, sparkles in her eyes from t
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[Story] Susan and Nat in A'dam #2: Lesson in Love

Susan and I seduce her virgin dod Natalie in erotical education and mutual masturbation

Susan loves my sexy stories so I decide to publish the adventures of her and her dod Nat
Susan is eager to read them so I write them first as chapters in a blog, before the stories

Susan is short and stocky with 38b breasts but Nat has at eightteen already 40c big boobs
Susan is planning to seduce her virgin dear dod together with me during their visit at me

Natalie is shy and about four inches taller than her mom, she mistrusts men who look boobs
Natalie is so inexperienced she has
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[Story] Susan and Nat in A'dam #1: First Orgasms

Susan gives her dear dod Natalie a special present for her birthday celebrated at me

Susan and her dear dod Natalie visit me for her eighteenth birthday in old Amsterdam
Susan tells Nat she knows me from the net and is happy I can host them two for free!

Susan hugs me at the airport enthousiatically, but Nat is shy - so I offer her a hand-kiss
Susan is cool and hot from the very start, Nat only relaxes as I feed them dinner with wine

Nat is a very decent girl, she never drank a drop before she got eighteen, only yesterday
Nat is also very shy and inexperienced - still a
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #20: Tika-2

I take tasty tiny tit Tika and blonde beauty awesome Alex along with me for a nice naughty night

I take tiny tit Tika to bed for more foxy fun but this time she can take the lead with me as she likes
I take tight Alex along to watch us from close, as she is similar of sexual orientation as guest Tika

I let my other two tasty sexy slaves watch us on wide screen in closed circuit in their other bedroom
I let them play freely as well on inspiration of my sexy show of Tika taking me this time for pleasure

I know Alex is a lesbian like Tika, but terribly shy and much younger
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #19: Tika-1

I tie my tasty Tika to a chair to make her all available to any of my sexy naughty needs

I tie your wrists behind your back to the back legs of the simple wooden café chair style Thonet
I tie your ankles to the front legs so your legs spread wide for me and those tiny tits stick out

I look at you and tease you "I wonder where I will begin to kiss, lick or bite you, my bride?"
I look at you from top to toes - all available to my caresses and touch - I lick your ear-lobe

I whisper "You are now all mine baby, I can do what I want with you - I can take you very oft
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[Story] Intimate Inquiry #1: Initiation

In this try to an intimate inquiry I invite female friends and readers to tell about their initiation
I am curious for first erotic experiences, sexual encounters and finally first fully sexy satisfaction

I pave the way by telling from memory some teen time extreme experiences by my (former) female friends
I invite brave great girls and warm women to tell us about their first disappoints and sexy successes

I have the sad impression that for many their first time was in their years at some secondary school
I paint the standard picture from some casual accounts: a great guy, usuall
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #4

Alessandra breekt met mij zonder redenen te geven en zo zakt verder weg in haar eenzaamheid

Alessandra speelt al een maand stommetje met mij - reageert niet of een enkel keertje indirect
Alessandra verbreekt één keer haar zwijgen tegen me: bedankt me in een reactie op een opmerking

Ik heb nog maar één medium waar ik haar kan bereiken - en zelfs daar houdt ze zich soms schuil!
Ik heb het vermoeden dat ze zich steeds meer geneert, zwijgt omdat ze met de mond vol tanden staat

Alessandra laat soms indirect merken dat zij mijn berichten aan haar leest in dat laatste medium
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[Story] LISA #3: Love Lasts Long

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

Lisa Love is as smart as slender - like me Lisa speaks several languages next to her mother tongue
Lisa Love loves to write with me - longs to join me as soon as she possibly can, which takes
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[Story] I love to play with words and You!

I love to play with tasty tongues and also with You

I love to play with languages and I love to play with you
I love to get you on your wrong foot and drive you mad

I love to mix my many languages and twist your tongues
I love drive you really mad - Ich treibe es hier mit Ihnen!

Ik drijf van pret in bed met mijn mooie blote blondines

I drive them as mad as wet while they trib their pussies

I love to lick long and feel their tasty twats before I fill them
Ich liebe lecken und sie zu schmecken die geile Schnecken!

Four foreign tongues in only fiv
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[Story] Loes Leert Luisteren #7: Geile Grapjes

Lekkere Loes leert, desperaat van haar lange afstuderen, eindelijk om te luisteren naar mijn adviezen
Lekkere Loes gaat gelijk de eerste dag met fijn veel vrijen al helemaal om en vraagt ook haar vriendin
Tanige Tannie zit er ook al maanden tegen aan te hikken en gaat net zo snel helemaal overstag met mij
Tanige Tannie zit snel net zo graag even bij me op schoot voor een knuffel als lekkere snoezepoes Loes

Lekkere Loes en tanige Tannie beleven een zonnige zondige zondagochtend met hun hete Meester Peter

Lekkere Loes kan goed luisteren - zo laat zij mij blijken nadat ik ze m... Continue»
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[Story] Sex Clinic #4 - Naughty Nurses

Three tasty lovely ladies at the Sex Clinic who wait for their pregnancy by my impregnation

At the Sex Clinic I soon serve three tasty lovely looking ladies between ages thirty and fourty
At the Sex Clinic I first serve my dear docter fine foxyfriend for intimate impregnation there

Soon her sexy secretary nice naughty nurse redhot real redhead succeeds in seducing me as well
Soon after her the head nurse nurtures her beautiful blonde tasty tight twat also with my sperm

Soon I visit the Sex Clinic of my dear docter almost every week, instead of only once a month
Soon I h
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[Story] Sex Clinic #3 - Both Banged

I have hot holiday with two tasty lovely ladies - the brunette wants a baby, the blonde only me

I am at a hot holiday with two tasty great girlfriends in complicated relations between us three
I just secretly agreed to try to impregnate the shy sweet submissive brunette beauty as my slave

I know she is virtually a slave to her slim blonde beauty best friend who always dominates her
I promise my shy doctor to try to make her a baby in return for being completely my submissive

I get back to our apartment with my dear doctor for our first fuck in private as we both hope
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[Story] Lekkere Lisette #2: Groen Gegeil

Lisette is pas achttien bijna negentien en geilt op gratis wiet van een man die er wat van kan

Lisette en ik hebben zwart-groene vingers van het strippen van mijn grote gedroogde oogst wietplanten
Lisette en ik zitten elkaar de hele tijd met onze ogen op te vreten, want die wiet maakt je wel geil!
Lisette en ik hebben zin om aan elkaar te zitten maar onze vingers zitten aan elkaar vast van de hasj
Lisette en ik zitten elkaar eerst een hele tijd heftig te wrijven, tot de hasj vanzelf bolletjes rolt

Lekkere Lisette likt langs haar lippen als ik haar vraag of ze wil helpen om
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[Story] Loes Leert Luisteren #6: Billenkoek

Lekkere Loes leert desperaat van haar lange afstuderen eindelijk om te luisteren naar mijn adviezen
Lekkere Loes gaat gelijk de eerste dag met fijn veel vrijen al helemaal om en vraagt ook haar vriendin
Tanige Tannie zit er ook al maanden tegen aan te hikken en gaat net zo snel helemaal overstag bij mij
Tanige Tannie zit snel net zo graag even bij me op schoot voor een knuffel als lekkere snoezepoes Loes

Zaterdagavond met mijn twee hete gretige spleetbeestjes benieuwd naar nieuwe sekslesjes bij mij

Het hele weekeinde leren mijn mooie meiden hard door aan hun bureau en later... Continue»
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #18: Birgit-2

Birgit is my shy sweet tiny tit great guest with her so spankable sexy big bums across my lap

Birgit is my shy sexy slave guest, I love her her tiny titties and big bums begging for some spanking
I know well how she fears that ordeal over my knees and welcome Birgit with some soft sensual slapping

Birgit is happy with every break between my soft spanks when my hand caresses her well warmed bottom
I know well how she will get a bit more wet every time I check the sexy state of her orchis orifice!

Birgit is my bride to be for this special sin-day Sunday nice naughty long n
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #17: Birgit-1

I switch from tasty teen Tamara to shy Birgit, my tiny titted lesbian with a little sexy secret

After taking tasty teen Tamara to the train with my three sexy slaves I have a sexy surprise for them
I take them from Central Station to the airport and tell them about my fine friend Birgit, my beauty!

After we take Birgit to my private place I send my slaves to do their chores so we can be in private
I intimately inspect Birgit from as close as possible - as she stands bent over right in front of me

After her sexy inspection her daily duty is to masturbate for me right in f
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #16: Tamara-4

I order my three tasty sexy slaves to see and watch how I make love with the teen Tamara

I train three sexy slaves at my place this weekend I let them learn from my tasty teen Tamara
Ai Aisha and Alex are ordered to watch how we two make love all long sexy Saturday night long

I have hot foxy fun in making Tamara mine and come very often in my guest bedroom with cameras
Aisha and Alex watch us on the wide screen in my bedroom, my Ai will watch us from very close

I am happy if Aisha and Alex get wet and hot from what they watch and let them two free hands
Ai I disable, to
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #15: Tamara-3

Tamara and I teach the three sweet sexy slaves a lesson of dear dedication

Tamara is a talented tasty teen and in full control of her pussy's muscles
Tasty teen Tamara succeeds in sucking some smoke of hot pot from my joint!

Tamara gets a special sexy tasty treatment in bed that sweet Saturday night
Tamara gets a creampie first which leaks all down to wet her tight sphinxter

Tamara is so horny hot and high she can not stop coming with all her might
Tamara milks my member by both her hot holy holes for my erotic explosions

Tamara sets an example for the three tasty se
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #14: Tamara-2

Tamara is introduced to my three tasty sexy slaves in training only after her first awesome orgasm

Tamara slowly gets back her breath after coming from the combination of severe spanking and caressses
Tamara slowly gets back to her feet for a trial to follow the tasty teens awesome ordeal over my knee

Tamara please kneel down to me at that second pillow while Ai will show us her hot oral skills!
Tamara does not know anything yet about her three colleagues this warm weekend which turns so hot

Tamara, let me present to you my slaves, my nice niece Aisha, doesn't
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #13: Tamara-1

Tamara is in time to watch morning masturbations after intimate inspections of my slaves

I train three tender tasty slender sexy slaves at a daily base since a few days at my place
I train them at turns by me in bed for a nice night, after they perform routines every day

I have my plans set for the upcoming weekend - suddenly fresh female friend asks for a visit
I have my arms open for my fresh friend and youngest of my yummies - not even twenty she is!

I ask her to take the earliest possible train to Amsterdam to be in time for my morning rituals
I ask her to dress pro
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There was always a moral dilemma in my mind when it came to sex. I was raised a good Catholic girl and my parents always emphasized being a good girl to me. I was uptight and interested in sex all at the same time. My parents had a pre-cable pay for TV service that had a movie channel when I was young. My parents went out many Saturday nights when I was in middle school and I was old enough to stay home alone. I spent many of those nights watching the other channel that came with that service. It was an adult channel. I was so intrigued by the movies that I watched and I would play with... Continue»
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[Story] Lekkere Lisette #1: Groen Gegeil

Lekkere Lisette is dol op zowel blowen als een paal blazen, maar kan ook al fantastisch paaldansen!

Lekkere Lisette likt langs haar lippen als ik haar vraag of ze wil helpen om mijn oogst te verpakken
Lekkere Lisette houdt van een vrolijk verzetje - en mag gaarne meeroken met mijn oogst van vorig jaar
Lekkere Lisette is pas achttien en dol op blowen als zovele tieners van haar leeftijd, kan ze blazen?
Lekkere Lisette is al achttien en dol op vrijen al sinds ze dat pas ontdekte, dat was nog in dit jaar

Wij zitten allebei langs een lange kant van mijn lage salontafel en wij
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