Kinky lesbian love on the rails

Once travelling in an international train, I was seated next two lovely looking young ladies. They sat at the window and eyed each other. Sometimes by that window - it was already dark outside - and a few times they looked for each others eyes directly.

The one next to me was dressed formally, like a British business bitch.
A beauty of a bitch, in my humble opinion. But I had a better sight at the beauties of the elegantly dressed lady across my seat. A cute petite brunette. Short hair. Green eyes. Sweet smile. Slender. Wearing a classic p'tit noire in Coco Chanel style. Difficult to keep my eyes from staring, while wearing a stupid smile.

The British bitch made some awkward sounds, which woke me up from dreaming with my eyes wide open. Seems she was clearing her throat. How unelegant, I thought.

She continued. A bit louder now. And suddenly she shot a gob. It landed only inches left of the brunette on the headrest. The clearing continued and within a minute a second gob landed at her right, by same small distance.

The business babe introduced herself: "Jennifer Jones, I'm a professional spitter". The brunette nodded she understood, still smiling a bit.

Soon similar sounds came from the other side. She had some troubles keeping her smile from getting wider. I couldn't stop watching her face.

Suddenly she shot as well. It landed right on the nose of the British bitch, slowly dripping down over her mouth. Her smile was very wide, as in "Brittan rules the waves". The brunette introduced herself: "Amande Aimée, amatrice" ;-)

I applauded. The lovely ladies bowed. Grabbed each other by the hand and left to look for the private, for a more private 'retraite à deux'.
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2 years ago
Well, it was a joke, dressed up as a sexy story ;-)P
3 years ago
I think I'm missunderstanding here. I don't mind woman drool/saliva, but not from a cough...
Well versed Pete(:
3 years ago
What a pity they didn't want me to watch their closer encounter at the closet ;-(...
Can you imagine what they did together in private?

Maybe one of the two shot them on cam?
I followed them after some thought! ;-)P