Queen Bee - 1

Her name was Beatrice. From our smiles and looks to each other it was clear that we liked each other. Soon I whispered sweet silly things in her ear. That got her hot for me. She was wise enough to make sure she would get what she wanted.

We met at a Summer School of a board game we both like. Her boyfriend was one of the stronger players attending. He played a lot, whereas we liked to talk and have fun. Also other games, like soccer, he did. Attendees organised a match of Hungary against foreign participants. He played, while we watched from a balcony.

Called her Queen Bee, summarising her and the Monarch of Holland with a similar name. Soon I called her Cuby, after my favourite blues band from Holland: Cuby and the Blizzards ... He rests in peace by now.

During the last evening a friend from Germany asked me along for a drink in the nearby village ... As soon as she found out Queen Bee ran after us.

Before we would reach the only pub there, she walked me up the stairs leading to a small chapel in a park we were passing on our way.

Close to the chapel we sat down. Kissed and fondled. Heavy petting. She moaned like Monika Seles did on tennis courts. Her legs seemed equally strong. She was almost breaking my hand fondling her pussy through her tights when she came.

She ran back soon after she came. Worried her boyfriend might have noticed her short absence ... She became my pen-friend. We wrote a lot. Very hot at times.
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3 years ago
A wonderful memory,
3 years ago
I still have her letters, but not copies of mine ;-(
3 years ago
I had a guy pen pal when i was a teenager. Wish I had kept his letters! They were very hot and sexy!
3 years ago
For young readers: Monica Seles was a tennis-star from former Yugoslavia, a grand-slam winner.
And the first to moan with every hard-hit stroke!
Wimbledon dignitaries wanted to ban her for sounding too sexy! ;-)P

Beatrice looked a lot like Monica Seles ;-)
3 years ago
We met once more for a hot weekend at my place.
But first we exchanged many hot love letters.
By snail-mail, no internet yet! ;-)