Gina's gynacologist

After first experience with a boy who betrayed her love, Gina turned lesbian.
She still kept the same gynacologist, the last guy she trusted with intimaties.

She easily opened up on his examination chair, as she was open on her love life.
He liked her young looks as well, as she could easily tell from his treatment.
Easily she let his fingers inside her to explore the health of her hot organs.

Love got nothing to do with it? ... She loved his delicacies in touching her.
Oh boy, she still blushes remembering how his inspection turned her on so much.
Virile were his looks. Tall and slender. Black hair, greying at the sides.
Easy to fall for this elderly gentleman with his soft touch and deep sexy voice.
She slowly realised he was the last guy she trusted to touch her everywhere.

He understood quickly the double role he played in her sexual and lusty life.
Intentionality his hands touched her soft sexy spots longer than needed ...
She soon realised what was more on offer from his long and experienced fingers.

Lesbian love being her main daily treat, she knew how a man could arouse her.
Oh, my God. I'm getting hot, she realised. How embarrassing, I'm about to come.
Very well he understood which therapy he was handling to her sweet love lips.
Intentionally he kept his hands caressing her lips, sexy and swollen by now.
Not forgetting her clit, which he expertly circled till she suddenly came.
Gracefully he kept a very light touch on it which kept her coming for long.

95% (11/1)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks for your praise, dears ... XOX - ppP
3 years ago
Very well written. Dyhart didn't quite get the message did he?
3 years ago
I fail to see how this is lesbian.
3 years ago
You're welcome to my all warmth my dear! ;-)
3 years ago
Now that made me warm all over:)
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
"As she loves his loving"
read the first capitals ;-)