Tasty tiny titted twens

How come I like tiny titted teens and twens so much, I often wondered.
I know now, after some sexy introspection: I'm awefully romantic!
That's only part of the motivation, as I like long legged slender ladies also.

Here's my explanation for why not only her actual looks like now count.
Every time I look at her again, I would prefer those boobies to be tiny.
Resemble a boyish girl, rather than a big busty beauty.

But I'm not a kind of one night stand with a buxom beauty man.
As I tend to fall in love with the lady I love. For long ...
Real long time: I don't long for big boobies falling down ...
Every time I make love to her, I like her titties standing firm!

Tasty tiny titties, my mouth could almost swallow all of them.
I'll start at the left and switch to kiss and suck her right.
Try to bite a bit at those naughty nipples, standing erect.
So sexy she looks with her lovely looking tiny titties.

PS: Did you see my first letter capital message?
60% (3/2)
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Posted by petdyke
3 years ago    Views: 675
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2 years ago
that's me ;) naughty,tiny titted, but horny ;)
3 years ago
I knew you would Gina! ;-)P
3 years ago
I know a naughty girl like her:)
3 years ago
What an aweful hidden message of me! ;-)P

Hope you enjoyed - porn poet Pete