Proper present - 1

How did I get her hot, wet and wanting to come?

Courting her here on hot hamster hadn't been easy. She's shy. Has her k**s. And as she couldn't afford to come and see me, I proposed to meet close enough for her, but far enough to feel free. She finally gave in.

She is so shy, that she even didn't dare to go to nearest larger town and buy a vibrator. But she was very curious what it could mean to enrich her sex life.

So my choice for a little present was easy. Not the standard flowers. How would she explain that back home? I got one, discretely wrapped up at a store in my town, which is a sex-shop ran by women for women. However, with her k**s at home, she didn't dare to order one there from their Mail & Female service.

I could tell by her eyes that she was pleased to see me. She only knew me from my avatar photo. And I'd taken a risk, as she was too shy to show any.
For sure she saw in my eyes that I was equally pleased seeing her.
She smiled during my old-school hand-kiss, which is standard courtesy in Poland.
Where I picked up that trick.

She blushed when I said something nice and honest. She blushed again when I presented my present and told what it was. She seemed lost for words.

She was happy with my initiative when we finished our drinks. "Let's go for a walk in this large park I saw. It's the last warm day of our Indian Summer".

Gladly she accepted my arm around her, as soon as we walked amidst green, slowly turning red. Like we were. As soon as it got less crowded, my hand on her hip moved up and down, teasing her right tit or squeezing her bum.

In a lone lane I hugged and kissed her. I whispered in her ear:
"Let me teach you to use that tasty treat.
Let me take your slip off. Let me feel you."

Her only answers were more hot kisses back and moans as I touched her twat.

She was wet when my fingers found her hot mound and swollen lips.
Soon we both forgot the purpose of my lesson in electromechanical love.
She came so fast and often that we never got to my eleventh finger for her.
Nor number twelve. Still stiff as well. Something left for our next meeting.

94% (13/1)
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3 years ago
Very nice and so helpful you are.
3 years ago
I liked this Peter
3 years ago
you're a little devil my friend. But he gave me the present afterwards :P I wonder what you would have given to me if we had a first date :)))
3 years ago
Great adventure, Pete.
3 years ago
Very good Pete! Sounded like a wonderful meet up!!!
3 years ago
In the first four or five hours, this story got some 400 views. Xhamster crashed, and the counter got reset to zero. Life is full of surprises ;-)
3 years ago
Willing to please you, with my words, my mouth
and all my twelve fingers! - porn poet Pete