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I wish I could split in two for you

I wish I could split into twins of thirty

Who would compete for your love
And approach you from both sides
Not knowing really where to start
Teasing twins, their hands fondle

You've two breasts and two bums
Only one pussy, should we take turns
U decide what you want, precious

Now, if it would be with my twin b*o
Oh, it's the first time I can imagine
What a jubilant joy a DP could be
Posted by petdyke 3 years ago
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2 years ago
As I see it,1/2 for each of the twins, I'm a selfish sob, so I would want it all (2 boobs, one cunt, one bung hole)
2 years ago
OH yes 4 breasts mine and one other
2 years ago
not 2 breasts, 4 boobs
3 years ago
Very good and very erotic,more to fondle
3 years ago
ahah great, like having a dp with just u and u and she :D
3 years ago
Very Nicely Done!
3 years ago
If I had a twin sister Peter...You may like her more:)
3 years ago
First letters of my lil love lines read:
I WANT YOU NOW ... had you noticed? - Porn Poet Pete