Great gal Gina

I invited Gina for a gynalogical intimate inspection.
She agreed eagerly and spread her legs like an eagle.

I noticed she got very wet from my burning eyes.
She was soaking before I could try to dry her.

I kept lapping like a cat, all juices flowing from her fanny.
She kept getting keeping wetter, squirting into my face.

I love to lap along her hot sexy slimy slit, every drop of it.
She loves my long tongue talking dirty to her without words.

I love to make love to my lesbian love from far.
She loves to ride along the shaft of her best friend.

If I'm not wrong my lesbian friend loves to read me.
Secretly she dreams how I would enter her hot holes.

I wonder whether which friends would still understand me.
Seriously! Whom of my friends love my pervy prose?
86% (9/1)
Posted by petdyke
3 years ago    Views: 656
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3 years ago
It's only as hot as you got, Esmeralda ;-)P
Your faved cocktail got you into the mood?
3 years ago
Haha, indeed very very hot!
3 years ago
Thank you got hot and wet, great gals!
That's where friends are for ;-)P
3 years ago
This is very hot Pete! Got me wet too!
3 years ago
Well thanks for getting me wet:)
3 years ago
Gina looks so lovely. Tiny titties.
Feminine figure. Long black hairs.
She is so very sexy and kissable.
She is my dear friend!

And I am proud to tribute to her.
Peter Pan aka Porn Poet Pete