Hot Horse Ride - # 4

Naughty Nikita needed more merry sexy experiences after I rode her so hotly.
Her horny sexy stallion showed his interest, smelling the feromones from her blond furry fanny. Her sexy smells brought me back to lusty life as well.

While she gazed in amazement at that growing member, I told my nubile lovely looking cutie to get on all fours and arch her spine on offer and open up.
She sweetly obied my orders and expected hornily me to enter her hottest hole.

I didn´t dare to disappoint my merry mare and took her anal cherry as first.
Our moans magnified by the heavy breathing of the stallion stud above us.

With one hand I grabbed her long blond manes and the other I spanked her cheeks.
My pale looking lover girl got so wet, hot and red that I almost slid out of her.

Soon she started to sound like a lustful merry mare, my naughty Nikita.
I loved to make her moan and scream in our deserted dirty mellow meadow of love.

My mean ways of treating her with my main pretuberance wetted her sexy slit.
I reached underneath her Hotness to touch and treat her glowing and growing clit.

She started to scream and squirt, as she really digged my dick deep in her ass.
Naughty Nikita needs a well hung jockey to tame and satisfy her sexy drive.

100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
This was so erotic Peter!
3 years ago
Still when I buy a newspaper or some shag at her,
I smile, as she has no idea what I wrote about her!
3 years ago
My first sexual experience as a child was being a "horse" owned by a master...we were all very young and it was a playground game me and my classmates played for years. I had the same master for 2 years! He would brush my mane and we'd cuddle...thanks for helping me remember a great time in my life Pete!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
5 stars
3 years ago
As earlier episodes in this sexy series reached a large audience, I decided to add a poetical #4.

Hope you love or like it! - Porn Poet Pete

PS: I welcome some stars and warm words.