Sharing caring for Shanti with Erin

Shanti is a blue-eyed blonde beauty. And a young mom of a baby girl.
Her home is only since a few months at her friends place. Erin is even younger.
And her daughter is only two weeks on our earth. In a Rockies small town.
Naughty youngsters, gangsters in new found love. Take make any snow melt.
Tight teen taking care of a young mom in her University of Life, course one.
It was as different as could be from going to a posh university, as her folks.

Long Winter covering their threesome in thick snow very soon.
Luckily Shanti recovers fast under eager Erin´s cautious care.
Lustful licking of each others swollen lips returns to their daily menu.
Oh, baby just right there. Feel my lips swell and my clit grow and glow?
Very sexy my sweet sucking precious princess, please go on with your lovely lips
Erin, eeh ... you almost make me come honey ... suck my honey, honey
So sexy my sweety. I love the way you make me sweat all over.

Sexy Shanti is on her back in their bed as Erin crawls over her hot love.
Eating pretty pussy for a lusty lunch is what they both crave for.
X-mas pudding couldn´t taste better. Tiger silently lurks at salmon smoothies.

Shanti lays back and enjoys the healing licks to her sexy slit, still swollen.
Erin sucks at her full mamals and drinks the drops the baby failed to swallow.
Xee - Shanti pants - your sucking turns me on, dear erate Erin, my love.

All Winter long the hot youngsters kept melting snow with their hot love.
Long dark nights, hot with lust. Only breaks for the baby girl to drink milk.
Last drops were always eagerly sucked by Erin, who loved her new milky diet.

Naughty girls - on average only twenty. But hot as hell. Blond and brown.
In heaven they feel, fondling each others peaches. "Eat me, baby" they said.
Got to their healthy girl diet every day eating pussy, feeding salmon to Tiger.
Hot girls hardly needed any heating in their snow covered hot hide-out.
Tasty twats providing central heating. Tiger confused: where is my warm spot?

Long nights during that long hot Winter for two, and a baby girl.
Only Tiger looked mocky, for a lack of love - only salmon smoothies he got.
Naughty girls busy with themselves - all day and night long.
Great view it would be ... if only anyone could see them.

Big Pete came down his mountain to check out the great girls.
Utensil number one: a nipple comforter for the lttle c***d.
Takes time off of stilling the beautiful baby, he thought.

Lovely ladies. Been on their own so long. Must crave for my cock.
Oh, my great goodness. They must be really hot by now.
Naughty teen. So long time ago I took her to my mountain.
Great God, she was hot! Wonder whether Shanti can match her?
She surely looks sexy. Blonde and blue-eyed. I´ll die for that.

Female flagrances fill Erin´s place with the smell of sweet baby-shit.
Our hormones take over of our reasonable bright brains.
Raw sex drive rules on our encounter driven by our naughty nostrils.

Sweet sex turns fast into raunchy raw lust for three trembling bodies.
Every nex step leading to louder screams. Tiger fled as far as possible.
X-rated activities lasted long after the film reel ran out, we still flapping.

90% (9/1)
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3 years ago
I liked this but I thought you may have hurried through it a bit.
3 years ago
Shanti Llloves sex sex all night long
but loves sex ... according to the
puzzling first letters of this poem.

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