Erin taught a terrible lesson - 1

Erin finds herself back, tied up spread eagled at the back of the old truck of
Pete. He creeps over her and whispers: "High time to teach you a lesson, Erin.
A lesson you will never forget. A terrible lesson. And you know you deserve it".

Pete erects and looks all over her body. He takes his time. Enjoys what he sees.
The mix of Erin's embarrasment, fear and hot looks. He knows what will be up.
Erin does not. She shivers. Even Pete does not even touch her. Yet.

Without any warning, Erin feels her cheeks parted by his strong hands.

He bends back and hisses in her other ear: "I wanted this to be beautiful baby.
Your first time. But you destroyed it. Twice. Time to feel how that can hurt."

Without any further warning Erin feels the violent intrusion of Pete's prick.
Without any lube. Weee. It hurts her. Pete is so big, brutal, long and strong.
Without any mercy Pete pounds her hard. He leaves Erin no time to get into it.

Slowly she starts to love it, the lovely slut. Pete notices and withdraws.
Suddenly she feels welts of his belt popping up on her parted cheeks.
Sexually it arouses Erin more than being brutally ass-****d in her holy hole.

Smart Pete notices it immediately and stops to please her.
She should suffer some more, Pete seems to think.
She will get no chance to come, that is clear.
65% (8/5)
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3 years ago
No mercy for Erin :))
3 years ago
Part two and three popped up as posts.
Please see my page for the links.

Thanks for reading me, dear reader! ;-)P(oet Pete)
3 years ago
Posted part two, only one hour
after this one popped up - Poet Pete
3 years ago
We wonder what more will up for Erin! Any ideas?

For curious readers: see the sexy short stories,
poems and posts in the list at my profile page.
Lots of them are background of this sequel to be.
Have a good time! - Peter Pan