Invitation into a virgin ass #8

As spoons we wake up, hug and kiss and make sweet long love.
As we both know this will be your greatest day of your life.
And I´m grateful you´d invited me to be the one to celebrate.

Breakfast next. With excellent strong coffee as we both like.
Before our other hours of love we need to clean you, my dear.
Brought this kinky little enema. Let´s get back to the bathroom.

Crave to clean you deep down. You know how long I can get.
Can you get all of this in, please? Hold it for quarter.
Carefully we wash up. And I tie you up like last night.

Do you first a few times, like I know you love it.
Do want you to get very wet, to open up for next steps.
Drive my tongue up and down, to get the holy hole wet.

Erato, my muse, your own strap-on will be first.
Enter you with your own weapen your tightiest.
Errate you and poke my member into your pussy.

Fully fledged on all fours. No way to escape.
Furry park plunged in both erotic entrances.
Funny to be taken both ways, armed by yourself.

Good heavens. You get wet. What a way to do you.
Good gracious. Your strong muscles milk my dick.
Good vibrations. Great sensations. Good, good, good.

Hum that evergreen of the Beach Boys in your ear.
Hottie feel my rhythm. Mighty members penetration.
Heaven couldn´t be far from here, you horny witch?

I enjoy to watch you slowly freaking out, eyes closed.
I allow you to convulse and surf on your ocean waves.
I enjoy to watch how hot we look at both our screens.

Jolly hot, my dear to hear you scream.
Just don´t blow my sound system sexy slut.
Jerk your lips, clench quickly your clit.

Kloaka love pays off. Your sphinxter relaxes.
Knick you in both holes. Panties off, panting up.
Kakaphonia of sopping sounds of double love.

Love to last long for long for you, my love.
Long time I only slowly poke my mighty muse.
Let you come a lot. Let us take turns to rub.

Moans and gasps turn to gapes and turn-ons.
My god, you look so hot. Look back at your camera.
My dear, my ear will hear your screeams for ever.

100% (3/0)
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3 years ago
Words of praise in a PM I received:

At last I stole some time to read,
Undressed, impressed I was indeed,
With rhyme so silky smooth as glass,
The tales and wails of virgin ass :)

Marvelous! Very well done :)
3 years ago
Lovely sexy erotic poetry.
3 years ago
i don't understand the story.
3 years ago
An acrostichon anal alphabet pervy poem, part one.