Invitation into a virgin ass #7

The tip my tongue only, into her tighest hole.
Try her taste. She comes again. Keeps coming.
Thumb lightly on her clit. Soon she´s exhausted.

The tight teen asks after she found back her voice:
The bathroom, master. Please, I need to pee badly.
Terribly sorry, sir. Don´t want to mess up our bed.

The teen is freed from her ties.
Take her straight to the shower.
Take your leak over my hard-on.

Takes my order with a great gush.

Try to make me come now: suck it.
Tongue and lips only, love.
Teeth and hands not welcome.

The teen does not waste much time
To make me explode down her throat.

Terrific job honey. You swallow all.
Time to wash up and tug in for long.
Tomorrow we will need all our f***es.

Two spoons huddle and fall asl**p.
Tomorrow the grand finale to come.

100% (3/0)
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3 years ago
Almost a week later - and not my friend anymore
she cancelled and blocked me, her version emerged:

Now I ask, who got fucked up the ass by whom?
And who did better? She's such a fool, isn't she?
3 years ago
This series started, inspired by a comment at:

Please read further from the first part here:

Do care to read them in order and the comments.
Some of them explain the background and links.
Thanks for following my series of short stories.
Which halfway turned to poems, to my own surprise!