Invitation into a virgin ass #5

Sexy scenario in a long series of short sexy stories.
She is f***ed to come second time. Right in my face! ;-)P

Short summary of earlier installments:
She is on all fours, tied up on three, she finally gives in to my order.
She has only her left hand left free. She strikes her slit, while I hit her.
She starts to get wet. Very wet. Comes. She smells so sexy! ;-)P

Snug up real close behind her with my face. Adore her pussy perfume.
Start to kiss and lick her lusty lips. Thick lips, by her first comer.
Sexy looks so sexy! Admire her ass. Administer (t)her(e) my first kisses.

She wants me to lick her holiest hole ... I circumsize it with my lips.
She pants. She hopes. She longs for my long tongue to try for a touch.

Sexy slit she has! I avoid her ass. Try to f***e her to come. Lick her lips.
Slide her slutty slit. Second set of smiling wet lips for me to smother.
She has no way to escape her horny horror. Tummy trembles. Touch her clit.
She starts to sing. No lines. Melodious. Long song of longing for dirty love.

She shrieks as she comes second time. I smile.
She satisfies my dirtiest dreams. So far.
She is up for more. And she knows it.
Sphinxter spasms in sexy expectation.

She knows: now I´ll tongue treat her naughtiest next.
She loves being spoiled and coming.
She is more than ready to give in.
She is my sexy sweetheart hot hard-ass!

100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
My sexy series suddenly swaps shape.
For a form of poetry in motion.
Which we keep till the final #9.
3 years ago
Part 6 appeared here as a post. See my page.
3 years ago
Scenario of sexy sixth short story is easy to guess:
She now really longs for my long tongue up her hole!
She is in charge, so it will happen as she wishes ;-)P