Invitation into a virgin ass #3

Short summary: She trusts me to take her last precious treasure.
We have a long weekend to celebrate and initiate her holy hole.

I invite her in, Friday evening, with a bouquet of red roses. I care about her lessons of love. She smiles. I kiss her and whisper: "This time you´re mine."
She nods. I lift my left eyebrow. She sees it. "Yes Master, I´m all yours".

I take a photo of her as she gets in. And every time she drops a garment.
I invite her to take the proper position. I caress her, as I tie her up.
I have her on all fours, legs spread. She sees herself. In split-screen.

I notice her arousal. Big breasts a bit boobier. Nipples like thick needles.
I can smell she gets wet. Love that, to smell her slit. She can feel my breath.
I refuse to touch her there. Tease her more. Make her want me. Real hard.
I tell her what she knows for long: "Do as I tell you" ... "Yes, Master".

I want you to get wet for us and come ... For this special night. Long night.
I left your left arm free for your fingering. You´ve left six sexy minutes.
I want you to watch the screen. See yourself get wet and quickly come.
I have a cane in my left hand. And a stopwatch in my right.
I count: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Start shooting, sexy! Less than six minutes left.
100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
The cane only serves to heat the cheeks of my muse.
3 years ago
It's not right to hit girls with canes
3 years ago
Previous parts? Please pry my profile! - Peter Pan
3 years ago
Will she be a good girl or not? Hot?
I´m as curious as you, dear reader!