Invitation into a virgin ass #2

The technical set-up to take her last carefully kept cherry was the easy part.

To watch well what will happen to her holiest hole, my muse must be on all fours. So she sees on the big display right in front of her in split screen what is up her horny sexy split. One camera in between her feet shows her from below. In close-up. Second screens her ass seen from above. So far electronic equipment.

Mechanically, my muse must be bound. Tied up to raise her sense of helplessness.
Legs spread. Her hair in a tail to provide a good grip. Leave only her left hand free. For good reasons, as I now know her well. Soon I will know her ass as well.

She will bring her sexy instruments, like the strap-on she took my ass with.
I will pay back that favour with a sweet set of floggers and little whips.
I will paint her bums and mark it before I will enter my masterwork of ass-art.

I intend to enter her in three steps, to help her to invite me into her well wetted tighties. The scenario starts: First scene, first take, set sound.

"I want you to do as I tell you. If you will not, I will mark your ass.
I want you to use your free hand to finger your slit for me. First use two fingers to spread your lips. We want to watch your wetness first. Next I want you to come on camera within six sexy minutes".

Will she be sweet and do as told, or will she prefer to get her ass red?

100% (3/0)
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3 years ago
For the background of my story set-up, I took inspiration from the situation in this:

Which explains why my muse would be happily filmed, sure it would be only hers.
3 years ago
Erin, of course the video is intended for my muse!

She has a better grip on me than I on her tied up.
She knows where I live with my wife, I only the number to call the tasty teen.

Wouldn´t want to show it to my wife, would I? ,-)
3 years ago
It seems far-fetched that your little muse would let you video her during the very first time that she has anal sex. But maybe she might want the vid as a keepsake.
3 years ago
This series started here on horny hamster:

Next parts are under the same title as this one.
See my profile for the links. Part 3 up, 4 soon.
More to follow. Hope you like it.
Welcome comments - Peter Pan
3 years ago
Basic ideas for further episodes
in my Jollywood sexy scenario:
1. First I force her come ... several times.
2. She needs to get wet enough for me.
3. To take her pussy first with my mighty member.
4. Greased up, I use her strap-on inside her.
5. My dick digs her clit. She comes again.
6. Slippery strap-on slides into her virgin hole.
7. Hard-on takes her pussy at the same time.
8. Soon she is ready for the final step ...

Or will the wild young dear interfere?
We are as much wondering as you dear reader ;-)P