Invitation into a virgin ass

"Don't worry about your wife. Come to town and satisfy one of my needs. My need for anal sex." ... An offer I can´t refuse. I´m very eager to learn to ride the tighest love hole. As my wife won´t give me access to her awesome ass.

The sexy little devil even published that comment here!
I wrote her back, privately:

"I´ll be proud to satisfy you. We will be both virgins. Let me take charge. Please bring again all the things we might need. You know you can trust me. You know almost all about me and I only the small town you live in. I´ll book the best room in the same hotel. Hardly can wait to meet you again, my muse Erato."

I intend to bring my bunch of exciting equipment as well. To make sure our next time together will be something we will never forget. Good luck, that I had a look before at the best and sexiest suite there. Easy to figure out where to put my cameras. Would need an extra mirror though. Hope I can get that in her small town up the Rockies. Recording us, while she can watch herself being taken, is the easy part. The real challenge is to make sure, it will turn into a movie we want to look back at many more times. My most sexy ever.

We still have a few days to set things up. Like to give my tasty teen lover more occasion to inspire this long weekend together to be the best in her young life. That is exactly why I write both privately as publicly with her here.

I´m as curious as you, dear reader, how this story will take its turn.
After next weekend it will be history. Which I will write as his story.
Wonder whether she will write her story.

We welcome interesting ideas.

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3 years ago
The comment below was posted when #6 was up already!
Series will still go on, after a short break.
Wonder whose account of the pop will pop up first?
3 years ago
I will read on. The real story has already happened – although it has yet to be told.
3 years ago
Not all readers read well. Not my problem.
Don´t doubt that any sexy smart-ass can! ;-)P
3 years ago
Just exactly what the fuck are you rambling on about over here? I read this out of shear curiosity and still hev no idea what the fuck you are trying to say?
3 years ago
The first installment in this short series is
"Love her lessons". Here is the link:
We welcome inspiration and warm words of praise.
Thank you for reading me - Peter Pan