Message leads to massage and more - 2

Got the young lovely looking lady tied up, standing, spread wide. Full access for some tougher caresses than just tickling her in that position, as I had started. I looked at her hot bums and around the walls of her dungeon for the right thing. I read her mind. Noticed her eyes dreaming for the dressage whip. I knew very well how much she likes to be trained as if she was a horse. And a whore to the whip.

She would need to deserve that treat. So I start by simply spanking her. By my bare hands. In between, I feel up the skin of her colouring cheeks and check her slit to feel how wet she gets. Whisper to her ear: "Will you be sweet now?"

She moans and sighs before she answers. "Yes Sir, sorry for my shy tease. Please forgive me and punish me for my lack of respect for your kindness to me."

Soon her cute firm bums are pink. Time to paint some sexy stripes. Her eyes follow me when I walk to the wall. She hopes I´ll fancy her favourite flogger. I notice her sigh of relief as I grab the dressage damager for my art to her beautiful booty.

She´ll need to wait, though. First I tease her, slowly flow the long end of it along her wets lips. "Do you deserve this one to make love to you?"

"Yes, Sir! Please prove your love to me with it. I was really a bad girl to you"

That´s true, I notice, as I feel she is very wet now. I take a few steps back. Start to serve her bums well. She gets very pretty there. Caress her and take a photo of the state of our art. My mare dances up and down. She pants and screams. I stuff her panties up her mouth to smother her verbal chords.

She is so sensitive now. A single slight touch of her holy knot of nerves sends her coming for long, while I only hold a very light grip on it.

"You´re a sweaty sweetie, my beauty. I´ll grease you up with your own come."
Slowly I work my thumb up her hottest hole. My fingers still serve her love lips. She pants. I adore our painting. It arouses me so much, that I replace my thumb for my eleventh finger. The longest one for her. I serve her for long. That´s what we all longed for.

Her anal muscles try to milk me, but I f***e her to come by man-handling her hill of Venus all the time. Till she almost faints. Wake her up by my whisper. "An elder lover takes his time to come, honey!"

Lose count of her orgasms. Finally I also faint inside her holy grail. Paint its walls white ... Took another photo, close up, of our juices dripping down.

She´s almost exhausted and still tied up. What more´s up for her?
Taken terribly, with proof on picture. At her Master´s mercy.
Why can´t she just stop to tease and be treated tough?
Which organ rules her music, her mind or her pink pussy and red ass?

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3 years ago
that is very erotic
3 years ago
Oooooooh my, that had some of the most erotic lines I have ever read.
3 years ago
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