An almost blind flight daring date - 2

In the first episode I just managed to eat her out under her skirt when we were finally alone, hosted in some friends apartment. Just wanted to take more of her, after she came in my mouth ... when four guys walked in. She scared.

That´s here:

I introduced them: 3 long time friends about her age: local Jeannot and Juju. And Adrian from Berlin, who´d swapped his place in Berlin for one in Marseille. The fourth guy introduced himself. We sat around the table and d***k the bottles they´d brought. While we smoked the sexy smelling cigarettes, which they rolled. Lots of laughs and chatting, of course.

Barbara relaxed from her initial fear of a possible gang-bang coming up with her new lover and had a lot of fun as well. She soon got along in our several different languages. Most in French, of course. But bits in English and German as well. And I got back to Dutch for the few phrases she didn´t get.

Four big bottles later two left. The other two also lived there for the moment.
Luckily they left us the big room with its king-size bed. Alone again, finally.

Slowly I undressed her, kissing all parts of her body. My lips gained access with every garment to drop to the floor. Massaged her firm boobies and made her moan, when I squeezed her beautiful bums. Barbara´s breathing deepened.

My lips went back up to nibble at her lobes and whisper: "Please spread-eagle on the bed. Like if I´d tied you up, cutie. I´d love to please and surprise you like that, Barbara beautiful baby".

What do you think? Would Babs risk that? With two hot guys around to hear her?

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3 years ago
sounds like lots of naughty fun
3 years ago
All babes who´d like to be my dreamed-of Babs for a week in the mediterranean sunshine in old Marseille:
Please leave your comments and ideas for further epic episodes of love and laughter - Peter Pan