Message leads to massage and more - 1

Here is the first part:

She´d teased me, asking me to kiss her down her spine and up at the other side to kiss her mouth. I responded ... And suddenly she disappeared from horny hamster. So I decided to look her up and give her the real thing.

Rang her bell. She opened her door. "Your kissing delivery service, madam".
She scared. My smile melted her a bit. "Let´s look where we might best do it".
We went in. She showed me around. I scanned for a fine place to tie her up.
She knew that. Pretended she didn´t. My mind smiled: "Classy teaser".

Finally, at the attic, we entered her exercise room. "We´re there".
She nodded. "You look lovely in that dress, dear. But give me access, please.
We know what you want from me". She kept gazing at me as she obliged.
She undressed slowly. A sexy slip the last garment to leave her lovely looks.

Her eyes followed me. I got cuffs and ropes. She´d organised her hot place well.
High under the roof. Only birds would wake up from her screams. Everything for grabs. Smiled while I tied her up spread-eagled wide in the middle of the room.

Her hair was already tied up on top of her, as she´d been expecting me.
As promised, I started to kiss the back of her neck. And slowly down her spine.
Dived underneath her with kisses only blown. And kissed my way up to her mouth.

A small kiss only. For next round I first tickled her. The tiny touches set her in constant movement and giggling, wriggling her hips. Such a sexy sight.

Kissed her down the bend and up again till she started to sweat.
Time to lick my way down and around the bend, which started to tease - all by itself - by the best body odour I´d smelled for weeks ... Almost forgot to lick my way up again ... She eagerly tasted herself.

After many more rounds like this, she really got hot. Almost came when I was
chasing up and down her bend ... Time to try another tool. Rich choice on offer.

First I wanted her to get ready. Caressed her skin. Slowly turning into a massage. Holding and fondling her breasts. Her bums. Kept kissing and licking her. But her bottom got some spanks suddenly. With her skin warm, it´s got time to teach her another lesson. With what? Which whip?

Wonder how it will continue? Me Too!

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3 years ago
Here´s part 2, which really got hot! ...:
3 years ago
Naughty Young ladies who tease these older men need to be punished. I would think a taste of a dressage whip while tied between two posts would be in order. Fully exposed so you could also take full advantage of her.
3 years ago
Thanks, Mikey. More to pop up at my page soon - Peter
3 years ago
very good pete
3 years ago
We both wonder how this sexy situation should
find a proper ending, I presume - Peter pan