An almost blind flight daring date

Wonder why she wanted to fly with me?

We met by a sexy story I read of her ... We started to write. Later I proposed her an escape from wet Summer in Holland to a sunny week in Marseille, France.

We knew each other only from here. And our mutual messages, mostly neutral of tone. I saw three photos of some sexy parts of her hot looks. She´s much younger. Probably as pretty, as she looks lovery, sexy and smart.

To my surprise she settled quite quickly. Was amazed at her eager agreement.

Her story had aroused me not only for its sexy set-up: She met a stranger. Agreed on sexy scenario. And let herself be dominated ... She also amazed me by adding the point of view of her lover, a few days later.

We met at the bus-stop to the airport. She was prettier than I what I knew from her few pictues. We exchanged three kisses, as is custom between friends here in Holland. And I explained her that in France you do only left-right ... Leaving out the detail that they are better flirts than those kissing Dutch.

We started to chat in the bus. Continued in the plane. Silenced by the view over the Mediterranean and a large lake, while landing in sun-set. Another bus, and a long-time dear lady friend picked us up at Gare St Charles in old town.

I´d no idea where we would sl**p. She dropped up us off at a place in the 5th of old town. Some Claude´s place, who wasn´t there. He was my friend, but at the moment I wasn´t sure which guy she meant ... My memory for guys is less accurate than for the ladies I like.

Finally alone in our rez-de-chausée apartment! Little garden at the back. Big bedroom at the front. Easy choice! ... We´d fondled and kissed in the bus driving through the dark, but now we were finally alone and really got hot!

Immediately I dove for her tummy and yummy below. She was in a short skirt.
I burried my head below it and pickered her pussy through her panties ...
I took them off. Dove in again. Licked her up and down. In the rhythm of her moans. Slowly increasing in tempo. Faster, honey! ... Eagerly I obliged.

She came so graciously and gorgeous in my mouth. I kept my lips - very soft - at her climaxing clit. It kept her coming for long. Which terribly turned me on!

Now I wanted to have my way with her!

Suddenly our sexy play was interrupted by noice in the corridor and a crack of the lock on the door ... It was late at night ... What´s happening? I noticed the scare at her face .

Four friends walked in with loads of beers. Laughing, and a bit loud ... Soon they saw us ... Time to postpone further sexy plans with my lovely lady.

First needed to introduce her to our virtual hosts ... Hi Jeannot. Oh, Juju, haven´t seen you for long ... Haha, Adrian, noch immer hier und nicht in Berlin?
The fourth guy I didn´t know yet.

We drank, laughed. Like: Smoke a bit, drink a bit, laugh a bit ...
Or was it: Love a bit ...? Which movie start was that? Chinatown?
We´re in Marseille, aren´t we?

What will happen next? We wait for proper responses of our readers!

80% (6/2)
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3 years ago
good reading & start
3 years ago
Mmmmm, well maybe the young lady needs to experience and learn from everyone in the room. I am sure she is willing to please in every way she can.
3 years ago
I'm not too good with European names. So i'm not sure if the virtual hosts are all men or some girls also. If they are all guys, then i think it is going to be a gangbang. If there are some girls, then its' an orgy after everyone gets wasted out of their mind.
3 years ago
Written originally in Dutch for one lady friend.
Next adapted into English for a longer-time friend.
Perhaps to be continued ... Depending on responses.