Message leads to massage! And more?

We wrote a lot with each other, right from the start. And often added hugs and kisses. Sometimes sexier. Like last time. I started to tease:

Sweet kisses to the back of your neck, my love: xxxxxxxxxxx
I wish I could kiss you all the way down your spine! Love - Peter

She responded soon. And eager like a brave brown beaver:

Hugs and Kisses and licks all the way down my spine to my bottom and around to the front and up to my waiting mouth, mmmmmmmmmm.

She sure send my mind wondering how we would do that?

Wow, Jenny you know what you like and how to turn me on!
You will need to be in a swing or stand spread eagled to give me good access.
I love to serve you that way ... The first kiss will taste just sweet.

For the second time around I tickle you a bit ... Maybe I need to tie you up a bit to keep you in proper position? I´d like you to become slowly more sweaty.

So after each time kissing you down and up, you would taste a saltier kiss.
Next my licks will pause and go hin and fro passing around the beautiful bend.
Your slit starts to bring ever more of the smell of your lower lips, every next kiss to your upper lips. I deliver to your mouth the proof of how wet you get.

I love this (s)exercise, baby ... I want to go on till you come in my mouth!
I´ll bring all your come back to you to taste. To turn you on even more.

Suddenly she silenced. I checked. Gone. She even hadn´t read my massage.

So strange! So I decided to look her up. And tie her up! As we´d planned ...

And add a pretty punishment to the sexy scenario. At her awesome ass!
Bums to be beautifully coloured. Her cheeks continuously giggling in the rhythm of my carefully colouring hard hand.

That´s an idea which pleases me. Whistling I walk to her place.
Will be a nice surprise, I surmise. First time for both of us!
Time to test the taboo. From my messages she knew me as a gentleman ...

To be continued? That depends on response!

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2 years ago
Now you have me wondering if you (and her) accomplished your individual goals? I REALLY hope so. Those maneuvers would be AWESOME to watch!!
3 years ago
good start as always
3 years ago
You are a gentleman..and a pervert too. Yes, please continue. I want to find out if you have anal sex with her.
3 years ago
First continuation posted. Link to follow.

Don't worry, Jenny. I'm in full cool control.
3 years ago
Oh my Oh my, what we get up to.
3 years ago
She´s engaged recently. I wonder whether she still got the guts to come to comment here ...

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