Predator in town! Who would stop her?

Pete read at Tessa that Erin really behaved like a predaotor in her new town.
He knew how she and her girlfriend had treated him. Time to teach her a lesson!

From Tessa he knew where Erin might be cruising in her old truck. Pete descended from his mountain and thought up a trick to stop her truck in its tracks.

Haha. He scared the shit out of Erin with his act. She stopped her truck.
Pete opened her door and grabbed her. "Hi, cutie! Trying to fool me?"

Erin recognised Pete and tried to talk her way out of this prediciament as good as her smart mind could provide. Pete wasn´t impressed at all by her arguments.

"I´m going to teach you a little lesson about predatorship and respect, my baby". Erin wasn´t sure what that might mean. Pete carried her to the back of her truck. He even tied her up! Wide spread. There´s nothing she could do.
"I wish, I would have brought Tiger along on my trip. My cat´s so smart.
He solves any difficult prediciament", where Erin´s last thoughts.

Those were Erin´s last prayers before Pete started to play with her ... as she´d done with him. "Oh, boy. This could last long". Erin was lost for refreshing thoughts and awaited her bad fate. Her beaver wide open. Arms tied above her head. In her own truck. Why did she ever decide to come up here, she suddenly wondered.

Pete smiled, as he noticed Erin´s reflections popping up in her hot brain.
She just looks lovely - and so helpless.
He could teach the brat a lot like that.
With her looks, Pete loved to teach Erin.

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4 years ago
See my profile page for links to other stories.
About half of them were written for Erin.
Our interaction went astray when her GF Erica
got involved. I also wrote a series for her.

The other stories were also written for dear
young lady friends here - Peter Pan
4 years ago
This is what Tessa told all of us: