Erica, Pete´s pet #7

Well, what really happened with Erica might remain our private secret.
However, she reminded me it was the 4th of July. High time to dance!

We went down the mount in my old truck. Soon we noticed Erin. She had a good time, dancing with all the great looking guys on the small square of Main Street
crossing Church Lane. Everybody happy. And dancing. Erin seemed glad to get to know her new locals and sort out the guys, who could dance well.

We joined her. And had a good time together. Not as a sandwich, as before.
But close enough to enjoy a few unnoticed innocent rubs.

The locals were amazed I seemed to know both new teens. Everbody already knew:
One is here to stay. The other teen will fly away soon.

So sad. She´ll surely miss our uphill parties ...
Especially those hot dances with Erin and ol´ Pete.

Serious studies awaiting Erica down in LA really soon.
Warm weather guaranteed. But hot encounters like here up the mountains?
Erica wondered what the future might bring to her. She had her dreams.
If Pete could only come down to L.A. with her!

She loved the way he had continued the lessons Erin gave to her.
Erica dreamed this sexy series to last a bit. Who wouldn´t?
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3 years ago
Oh what a talented man, just imagine girls what those talented hands could do if put to other naturally naughty purposes! :)
3 years ago
Like my dear readers, I´m very curious whether
the missing part will ever be written! ;-)P