Erica, Pete´s pet #6

"Be mine, beautiful baby", Pete whispered to Erica´s ear, while she eagerly
pretended to be tied to Pete´s bed in his hut at a mile high up Snowy Mountain.

"Pete, please take and make into your woman", Erica begged Pete to finally let her feel love by a real man. Real love. How she longed to feel his strong hard-on slowly pop her pink cherry. She knew she might bleed red, while he´ll might shot his white bl**d deep in her wanting pussy.

Like her best friend Erin, Erica got sometimes lost in antropological curiousity.
Even when she was horny. She suddenly remembered she read somewhere that in some part of the Phillipenes, sperm is called ´white bl**d´ and a pussy a ´kang-kang´.

Erica only loved to get her virgin kang-kang blasted by a flood of white bl**d!

Would it finally happpen to her? Pete has such nice long memorable member!
Wow, how would it feel inside her ... Erica dreamt. Waiting spread-eagled.
For Pete to take her blond blossom.

Pete smiled, looking down at her. Great looks. Tasty boobs!
And a lovely blonde untrimmed full-grown kang-kang to knack.
Boy, were they two lucky! He smiled again. At Erica, waiting.
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3 years ago
Pete noticed the sudden change of expression of Erica.
As a gentleman, he tried to hide his apetite for her
which quickly dropped. Together with his evil snake.
Gentlemen try to please their ladies.
Erica preferred to go back down the mount. Amen.
3 years ago
This is Erica. I'm waiting all right. I'm waiting for God to deliver me back to Erin and to my mom & dad.
3 years ago
Oh, Erica! I love you for opening up to me - Pete