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Erica, Pete´s pet #0

We met at Erin. See the earlier stories. Erin showed great heart and let her best girlfriend Erica depart with me to Europe. To terrible Amsterdam: sex and d**gs and rock&roll. They proudly sell T-shirts there, reading:
"Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Amsterdam".

Erica´s big blue eyes lightened, when I told that old slogan. And involuntarily she smiled. That was bits of our chatting after our hot sandwich with Erin.

She went to join Erin under the shower. Next I got the cold shower after their whispered conversation. Erin explained. "Pete, Erica wants badly that I could keep you here as well, but this place too small. My cat Tiger is the only man in the house. Next she threathens to leave with you! What should we do?"

"Girls don´t shiver and shake. Sit down and we´ll talk. Let us reflect a bit, my dears."

Pete opened a bottle of sparkling wine and soda. Served spritzers. Sat down.

"Erin, you already taught your best friend Erica a lot. Seducing her step by step into more sexual curiousity. Now she wants to take some next steps.
Please, let her come with me." Erica unisono joined my choir: "Oh yes, please!"

Erin gave in and said: "Go, and come back with me whenever you like my dears!
I know Erica wants to be your pet." Which was like music to our ears!

We embraced. While finger-fast Erin was already looking to book us a flight.
Isn´t she sweet and great-hearted?

Oh boy, Erica is technically still a virgin!
What would happen to her in hard-core old Amsterdam?
Posted by petdyke 3 years ago
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3 years ago
No doubt that you are going to bust Erica's cherry. Or at least try to.
3 years ago
Too much vinnegar on those chips
3 years ago
Will Erica enjoy her flight to an unknown realm?
What will happen to her? I don´t know myself yet!