Erin and Erica pet Pete

Pete was pretty wasted with two teens on him and coming twice into Erin.
Erin and Erica were fresh from their shower and decided to elegantly quit Pete.
Re-living in his dreams what just had happened to him, Pete sported a hard-on.

The teens giggled and with an eye-wink decided to wake up Pete by small Pete.
The teens giggled louder when Pete gasped. And woke up with pets on his prick.

The teens whispered unisono in his ears: "Wake up big Pete and small Pete.
It´s time to freshen up and shower. We´ll wash you properly. Don´t worry."

Indeed the combined treatment of the teens and the shower, was very refreshing.
Pete happily noticed young Pete rising to the occasion and saluting the girls.

The tasty teens smiled back happily - at each other - and their easy success.
Ol´ Pete wished he could restrain his younger Pete a bit longer ...
Soon both gave in to the great gals sexy efforts.

Pete almost collapsed, as his knees gave in ... The tasty teens smiled at each other again ... Turned on the cold water ... Erin woke him up:

"Thanks, Pete - You were great. But it´s time to go home, honey!
From now on, my Tiger will be the man in this house ...
He thanks you for the supply of wild salmon you left him."

Pete walked back to his truck, parked around the corner.
Exhausted, as much as aroused. He wondered whether he would
ever see any of those tasty teens again.

"What the heck? It was wonderful!" ...
But boy, he´d love to see more of Erica!
She looks like she walked away from an early
seventies steaming Swedish sex movie! ;-)P
85% (7/1)
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4 years ago
Erica, I´m so impressed by your deep devotion to me,
I decided to dedicate a special sexy series for you.

See it soon pop up at my page - Peter Pan
4 years ago
Hi Peter. I said that I would be your "personal" whore. That means that I'm all yours. No other men enter my soft pussy. Erica.
4 years ago
Hey Erica, blonde blue-eyed beauty.
I do love the first part of your proposition!
However I would not have any aim to share you
with other ... men.
4 years ago
Hey, Pete, this is Erica. Thanks for taking me to Montana to give Erin a sexy homecumming. Maybe i can come back to Amsterdam with you and be your personal whore. What do you think?

4 years ago
This is part three of a new series for Erin.
Welcoming her to her new home in Montana.
See my page for links to two earlier parts.