Sexy and tasty Erin comes home.

After their steaming sex, Erin was still sandy from her trip through deserts.
And sweaty from the hot horny and sexy sandwich she just survived in the ...
Arms of her love and that funny local Pete and his poking meat to meet her.

She secretly smiled and let her sandwich lovers to sl**p off the bubbles gulped.
She happily noticed Tiger snoring. Probably dreaming about young mountain pussies, he might conquer on his new hunting mounts. Tigers don´t feed on blue pills. A proper dose of salmon each day. And well, some fresh pussy sometimes.

Erin left Tiger to his pervert dreams and tried the shower. "Such a pity it´s
only large enough for one. Luckily it´s a strong stream of water. Better than even my very able left hand could supply" ... Erin really likes her new place.

Soon the streaming hot water gets the better of Erin, still hot as a dog
from that sandwich, which pleased her both holes so intensly for the very
first time. The memory of what just happened to her sends Erin off, without
even her left hand needing to touch her hottest love spot.

Erin came so loud that she woke up Erica, who suddenly realised where she was.
Erica escaped from the arms of Pete, who stil sleptb like a c***d.

Erin welcomed her blond beauty blue-eyed best friend with a kiss.
"Your turn honey. We shower here one by one. Less luxury than back in Reno."
Erin slapped Erica on her beautifuls bums. "Get clean for me, my love".

Erica happily obeyed. Wrapped only in her towel, Erin welcomed Erica.
Erin wrapped Erica in a towel as well and hugged her dearest, as sexy as shy.

"Thanks for surprising me, my lovely Erica. I´ll reward you, my dear.
But first let us politely get rid of ol´ Pete, who set us up."
The teens grinned at each other ... Pete still slept like an innocent c***d.
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3 years ago
Hey Erin. As you know Pete is a gentleman-hippie.
He has his own private place up Snowy Mountain.
He only intends to visit you two or invite you up.

Before going to UCLA, Erica could use some more
education from us, as long as you can host her.

And Amsterdam can wait for a Summer visit in
another year. Peter Pan needs to be patient. Pete.
3 years ago
Hi Peter. This is Erin. That sounds like a good plan. Except that Erica is planning on going to UCLA college later this month. A very good school. Her parents would be very mad if she ran off with you instead. I know that she should have gotten more sexual experience in high school. Then she wouldn't be so torn between going to Amsterdam with you and going to school. Erin.
3 years ago
Don´t you worry Erin. I´ll only borrow a bit
of your mutual love.
Give Erica a break, she wants a bit more experience.
When it really get cold up your mount,
just join us with Tiger.
He´ll find friends to talk to in my garden.
So he´ll have good time as well! ,-)P
3 years ago
Hey, Pete, this is Erin. While i was in the shower with Erica, she whispered to me that we shouldn't get rid of you. If i try to get rid of you, then Erica says she is going back to Europe with you. I don't know what to do. There is only enough room for one male in my house and that is Tiger. But i don't want to lose Erica either. Oh, what shall i do?
3 years ago
How will those horny two turned-on teens
politely get rid of loyal local ol´ Pete?

Read more to come in part three!
3 years ago
Bad luck for Pete. He set the teens up.
But lost the democratic voting 2-1 :-(P