Sexy and tasty sandwitch Erin

Pete set up Erica for a surprise home-warming party for Erin in Montana.

Pete grew up in Europe and got seriously affected by charms of pale-skinned blue-eyed Scandinavian blond beauties, the first sex Goddesses of Europe when free sex became en vogue.

Hence his wish to charm Erica into an unexpected break-away from home rules.

Erica flew in on the first plane at 1st of July. Pete had explained the owner that Erin´s friend would arrive earlier than Erin. He picked up Erica from her flight. Oh boy, she´s gorgeous indeed. He had serious difficulties to keep his eyes on the road. He knew Erica is shy, so he did most of the talking ...

Babbling away his arousal, Pete showed Erica in and she helped him stuff some tasties, salmon and bottles with bubbles he´d brought along in the fridge.
Next, Pete took care to park his truck around the corner. And locked the door, shutting them in, to wait a few hours till the arrival of Erin and Tiger.

They looked for a place to hide, wait and still be comfortable with each other.
Not so easy in such a crazy set-up. Especially when you´ve never met before.
Being elder and wiser, Pete took charge. "We´ll sit quietly in the back room.
I make a pot of tea. And we´ll just chat a bit till the other two arrive".
Erica smiled, nodded and took a chair at the table there.

Soon Erica relaxed while they talked and looked to each other, taking turns in telling bits about Erin as they differently knew her. Suddenly both silenced.
A car stopped in front of the house.

Pete and Erica had been busy chatting, getting to know each other. Also Pete forgot to discuss with Erica the scenario for the arrival of Erin. They looked at each other. Eye-brows at max heighths. Pete gestured to Erica: You go first!

Erica stormed to the the door, as Erin opened it with Tiger at her feet.
Pete watched with a smile the long time girlfriends hug each other and scream.

Tiger watched up to the turmoil for a second. He knew enough.
He looked up to Pete as well and walked straight to the kitchen. Both knew the girls would need some time to calm down. Pete followed Tiger and asked which salmon dish he´d favour as a starter after such an appaling long trip. He also showed his soulmate the choice of milk and cream in the fridge.

It seems it took Erin ages to gather from hugs and screams mumbled that Erica was shown in by a mediator, by the name of Pete. Erin couldn´t believe it.
"Who the hell is this guy? He intrudes on my privacy and dearest girlfriend!
Where is he? I´ll kick his ass off and him out of my place!"

Erica tried to restrain Erin, who followed Tiger´s tracks into the kitchen.
Where we both waited with a large grin. Licking our lips.

"Infuriated you look even hotter, pretty young lady! Love your coloured cheeks".
Tiger knew enough: "Second salmon will take time. Better look around where I might possible survive harsh Winter in my high new house. Where´s her bed?"

Finally, Erin recognised Pete from her first visit to her new town. "Oh, it´s you. You know guy, you´re part of the reason I decided to settle here.
And I´m glad you managed to convince Erica to open my first own place!
Let me hug you, Pete - my Montana man."

Tension broken. All laughed. Pete proposed to get the goodies on the table.
They sat around it. Presented each other tasty bites. They drank a cool white frizzante. And, unpacking the fridge, Tiger was lucky, being served his main course earlier than he expected! ... "Two tasty teens and a horny guy.
Glad I got my main dish now. God knows how long the next portion might take!"
Cats have many lives. So even young cats can be very wise. Seen so much!

As Tiger had expected, the three lost interest in him completely. Her bed is the best place, although Tiger knew he´d be waken up brutally in a few hours.

Erica relaxed more as she felt Erin knew Pete well enough and trusted him.
Soon the bubbles by bl**d transport went to their brains and giggling ruled.
Pete observed the tasty teens with a growing grin. Everything as planned.

Pete patiently sipped his white wine watching the teens talk and get excited.
Halfway the second bottle they were high and pissed off enough to have a look at the rest of the place. Tiger saw them coming and hid in his second best nest.

All afternoon the sun had heated the bedroom. Instantly all three agreed it was too hot to wear any clothes. Pete layd down as a lazy guy with his pole in attention for any young admirers. Erin immediately understood her role.
She mounted Pete and streched on him. Pete asked Erica to take part,
disclosing a secret wish from Erin:

"I´ve never been DP-ed, Pete" you whisper in my ear, while your cheeks blush.
"Mount my big prick, baby. And I´m sure that Erica will be so sweet to try your strap-on! ... Come on, dear Erica. Let´s give Erin some sweet sandwich sex. Slowly enter her tightest hole, love. Together we will make Erin sweat. And screem with joy. I can feel her getting very wet ..."

Erica had never been intoxicated before by lemonade-like bubbles. That sexy combination with the feromones she unknowingly smelled made the blonde beauty turn into a vulcano. Passionately Erica grabs for Erins breasts. Pinching her stiff nipples mercilessly. Erica hardly realized she sent Erin squeaking like tiny little porn-stars from Asia. Tiger licked his moustache, covering his ears.

Pete slowly talked Erica back to her senses: "Now grab your dick, Erica. And slowly move it up and down Erin´s slit. I´ll slid out and let you use her own pussy juice to get her ass-hole wet. Yes, you´re doing great baby. You will make Erin really want to be taken by you ... Now slowly enter her with your hard-on, baby ... Yes, you´re doing fine. I can feel you as well in her ass."
Together they made Erin´s split into a tasty creamy screamy sandwich spread.

Tiger managed to fall asl**p, with both ears covered. So no-one kept any count of comes. Except Pete, who knew about his two extremely pleasant long-shots.

As a satisfied sandwich the three fell asl**p. Two on top of Pete. After half an
hour they tumbled over to their sides, still holding hands and hugging.

Tiger woke up from his sexy dreams, smelling something fishy. He lapped to his like and saved some come from dripping down on the bed. Intoxicated by the frizzante in the pussy juice, he soon also fell into a deep sl**p on the bed.

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3 years ago
Sleep your sleep of the young and innocent, Tiger.
And dream your dirty dreams of big tuna sandwiches
and all the young tasty pussies to conquer there.
3 years ago
Hi Peter. This is Tiger. I haven't had a chance to read what the girls wrote to you. I've got better things to do. I was busy sleeping. Tiger.
3 years ago
Hey, Tiger, sorry for the poor diet.
But I´ll buy you tons of tuna sandwiches
if you can help to solve my dilemma!
Did you read what the gals wrote to me?
We can´t cut Erica in half, can we?
3 years ago
Hey, Mr. Montana Man, this is Tiger. Very hot adventure for you & the girls. But a big ruckus for me. The only sandwich that i care about is a tuna fish sandwich with a little paprika for taste.

3 years ago
The spelling typo in the title is an unintended pun.
3 years ago
My welcome present to her first home alone
- with Tiger of course - for a dear friend.