Hot Horse Ride - # 3

Slowly I reign in the hot slender young blonde and pull her ever closer to me.
Nikita happily obeys. After running down her spiral track ever more near to me, she stops short in my arms. Nikita pants heavily. She looks heavenly, all covered in sweat. I drop my reign of her and take naughty Nikita in my arms.

"You would like some more of me, don´t you?". I seduced her further, whispering.
"Oh, yes please! I´ll do anything you want, but please give me more hot love!"

What would she know? Anything could happen to her now! ;-)
My manhood rose and got strong and stubborn as rose-wood.

I lifted the young slender sexy amateur amazone. Mounted my new love on my pole.
Nikita closed her arms around my neck and her legs behind my back.

In unisono we rode like crazy till we came simultaneouslyl. We collapsed together.

Who would need a hot horse right now? ... Her stallion brought us back to conciousness, breathing strongly over our shivering bodies.
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3 years ago
Very nice.
3 years ago
i am curious
3 years ago
Don´t you wonder like me, what might happen next?