Mount Erin #3

Erin was still panting from her first body-quake in the strong hands of Pete.
Pete untied her, while he still held her with his other arm. With a slight sliss in his whisper, as if he would be Marlon Brando, Pete told her:
"Time to turn around, hot honey. And allow some colour up your front."

The same procedure started all over. Pete tied her arms behind her back, as Erin leaned against the young tree with her back now. He took his time with her.

Pete first made sure her nipples became little Mt. Erins. Slapped her breasts
with both rope ends. Her belly as well. Next down her thighs. He even hit with
it between her legs. Like he played a congas **** by rope with her cunt-lips.

Erin almost lost her breath. She´d never been treated like this before!
Erin wanted Pete to take her now. Pete seemed to read her mind.
"Love your lips down there swollen like that, horny honey".

Adding action to warm words, Pete indeed entered Erin. Easily. As despite being tight there between her thighs after only receiving a few cocks, Erin was very slippery still. Soon their moaning silenced last birds singing up there.
Their panting seemed to reviberate back into the valley. Pete plunged deep into the valley of her love.

If she could, Erin would have held him tight with her arms. In her position, she exerted the only grip she got. Despite being an experienced cow-hand, Pete couldn´t resist the expert milking movements of Erin´s pussy pumping.

Their mutual explosion got them one full number up on the scale of quakes,
compared to Erin´s first. They collapsed, trying to catch their breaths.

Until Pete suddenly felt a cratch down his limped leg. Erin was tied up,
he realised, slowly getting back to his senses. So, it couldn´t be her.
Slowly he turned his head. He looked where the scratch had come from.

Tiger smiled at them. Licking his lips. Suddenly Erin realised that in her nerve, she´d forget to feed him. Wise Tige had jumped in the back of the truck. Followed their track. Hoped he would get finally get something substantial.
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3 years ago
lol omg see what the 2 of you get for ignoreing tiger ouch
3 years ago
Ha Ha. No, Tiger doesn't like ripe bananas. Especially Peter's banana. He's going to keep scratching until he gets something that he likes.
3 years ago
For sure, Tiger doesn´t like ripe bananas.
Will they feed him something fishy enough?