Mount Erin #2

"As we´re back into the sunshine, let´s get some tan, Erin!"
Pete took off his backpack and started to strip. Erin liked what she saw.
She decided to follow suit to see what Pete might be up to.

"The sun isn´t very high in the sky yet, so let me help you into the right angle
to get some colour and warmth." Pete took both packs and placed them adjacent to a some younger tree. "Come here my dear". Pete invited her over and got her to step on on their luggage and lean Erin against the tree with her belly. The tree bend a bit under her weight and indeed she ended up perpendicular to the sun-rays.

"Pete´s funny and hot", Erin thought. "It looks like I´ll be treated soon to his long hot rod". Again Pete surprised her. He folded her arms tight together around the tree and bound them together. "The sun isn´t very strong yet, so let me help you to get some colour faster and warm up a bit. Erin shivered in expectation.

Pete brushed her hair aside and bit Erin in the nape of her neck, while his strong long hands grabbed her breasts. Erin moaned in answer.
Pete whispered in her ear. "I know how to get you hot, my young dear!"

Erin thought that Pete might attack her little wet mount now. But Pete showed more patience in his plans. He started to spank her bums and thighs with his bare hands and when Erin´s skin got pink enough, Pete switched to both rope-ends. Soon all her back got covered with reddish little stripes. It felt hot. "My mount must be dripping. I feel bits running down my legs".

Pete noticed how steaming hot she got. She simply longed to come. Give it a go.
Pete stood close right behind her. He grabbed her bums and pulled them apart.
Pete fitted his long friend along her ass-split. Pulling them together he told Erin "Keep him warm for us, baby. We´ll need him later!"

Pete took Erin breasts in the care of his right hand. His most able hand he went around her hip and firmly took a grip on Mt. Wetness. Which soon exploded with a loud load and splashy eruption of Mt. Erin.

Both loved their first common seismic activity high up the Rockies. And with Pete still sporting his hard-on, more´s likely to follow soon.
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3 years ago
we shall see & read my friend oh so hot
3 years ago
I think that Pete is going to fuck Erin up her asshole. We'll see.
3 years ago
After first episode, Erin correctly guessed the next step. What would happen in part three?