Mount Erin #1

Pete had noticed the young cute smart-ass from the South, whom he once saw.
She sipped her coffee. And friendly, but politely, refused his offer for a date.
Now she moved in. All town found out fast. He decided to check how cool she is.

As soon as he ran into her again on Main Street - with a big smile - he asked her along for a hike up Snowy Mountain. "But, let us first have a coffee, Erin".
Hay, he remembered her name.

Erin fancied the idea to get to know the snowy peaks of her new area and quickly agreed to leave early next morning... Indeed, Pete picked her up in his truck at dawn, after a night Erin hardly slept. And when she did, she had strange dreams about snowy peaks. Creepy feeling.

Pete drove till the end of the road up Snowy Mountain. First they would cross the rest of the forest. Beyond that, only clear sky and the mountain top. Erin felt like in heaven from the view.

Suddenly Pete turned to her - and again with a big smile - he told her:
"I´d like to test you, you pretty looking smart-ass, how tough and cool you are".

"Oh dear, I wish I had brought Tiger along" - Erin thought first.
On second thought, she got pretty curious and horny ...
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3 years ago
he may tie you up but not hurt you
3 years ago
Erin´s such a talented tasty smart-ass!
Following her dreams, she guessed right ,-)
Read next two parts of Mt. Erin here soon.
3 years ago
I think Pete is going to tie Erin up and do some bad things to her.
3 years ago
What would happen to her?
Anyone got an idea?
I´ve some ;-)